Unusual Incidents Unit

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Unusual Incidents Unit 

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UIU will function as a highly secretive group that will be focused on capturing and researching the anomalous, protecting the civilian populace, working alongside the local Government and investigating and combating the various GOIs around the surface. 

Last time out UIU too raid heavy and combat focused with the Agent job just being a combat unit really, this time I want the group to be more secretive and stealthy like actual FBI Agents where a cover story is maintained and raids are only carried out after an investigation has taken place. 

UIU will have a good mix of Passive RP and Combat RP. I mean that btw, I don't mean "We hold preaches and do non specific research" I mean actually making a character and going undercover. 

Now I am sure a lot of people will draw comparisons between UIU and Pentagram as the two groups are both US Government organisations. However, as we've all experienced Pentagrams goals and methods are extremely questionable and can seem confusing to non Penta members on the server. In real life CIA and FBI relations are pretty icy and the two orgs rarely co-operate, so there's no reason why anomalous versions of the two groups wouldn't also conflict in some areas, possibly even leading to indirectly combatting one another over certain matters. It definitely won't be as clear cut as "UIU and Penta just team up 24/7 and work together" in fact it's very unlikely the two groups will really interact with each other unless a conflict arises between them for whatever reason. 

Just to re-iterate, Pentagram has no real bearing on this group either way and UIU will likely not team with or attack Pentagram directly and vice versa. Heck, UIU probably knows very little about Pentagram in lore and will likely just stay out of their way.



UIU Head Agent (1 Slot) 

Weapons: A small selection of pistols (Like HoEA, O5, HR etc), all cuffs, anomaly scanner. 

Special Abilities: Ability to spawn an entity that shows every comm channel in a nearby area 

Playermodel: Suited Model 

"The Head of UIU Operations in OvisCity" 


UIU Field Agent (5 Slot) 

Weapons: AR 15, M1911, Lockpick, Hacking Keycard, Cuffs, anomaly scanner 

Special Abilities: Ability to spawn an entity that shows every comm channel in a nearby area. Ability to disguise as a civilian 





The comms entity: 

Credit to Dylan for the idea. The entity is a deployable thing through the F4 Menu. When spawned, it will show all comms in a nearby area (Will be a medium size, think Adytums after a few sacrifices) to nearby UIU Agents. The comms will show up as "???" and will not state who is speaking or what comms they are. For example, all you'd get through is "[???] Hello World". This will mean UIU Agents will have to set up a cover story (E.G: A Shop) Next to the building they are investigating to deploy the entity and use it. This fits with the lore as UIU uses FBI tech and the FBI is fully capable of listening in on phone convos or radios. 

This also lends itself well to the whole "Undercover investigation" part of the job I am aiming for. 




UIU Will not be massively Hostile or Friendly to the various GOIs in Ovis as it's not a mainline combat job with complex relations. The only alliance UIU has is to the US Government and US Citizens and will do everything it can to protect them from the anomalous. 

This means that UIU will be Friendly to the local PD and the Foundation if the Foundation are helping combat GOIs. This does not mean that UIU will enforce the PDs laws and give every anomaly to the Foundation and defend them. UIU will take action against the Foundation if Foundation start a war against the PD and starts killing civs. UIU will also use "Gag Orders" on Citizens who know about the anomalous. This is basically an NDA and action will be taken against those who break them. 

UIU will keep a close eye on MCND and AR but won't be actively hostile against them in the sense that they will mass raid and kill robots in the street. It means that they will try to hamper the groups in a more subtle way and like the real FBI will only arrest members if they have a good amount of evidence. 

Pentagram is tricky and both groups will likely just steer clear of each other as they have very different areas of operation. relations with Penta will probably evolve on the server. 







Name you will use for UIU: 

Why do you want to join UIU: 

Write a short backstory for your UIU character: 



Reposting/bumping the old thread as it's the same suggestion with very minor changes and it isn't worth creating a duplicate thread when the old one can just be bumped.


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Name: Matthew Lead

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:82619021

Name you will use for UIU:  Agent Lead-Max Rukis-Matthew Lead

Why do you want to join UIU: 

I would like to join UIU because i love the conecpt of being apart of a secret that captures and

researches anomalies which sounds fun as it includes ResearchRP aswell. Also UIU isnt just

isnt about combat or passive RP, its a mixture of both! which is a really good feature for the job.

Going undercover and "taking" anomalies or even buying from people in order to research them is pretty cool.

Write a short backstory for your UIU character:

Matthew Lead born in 2001 somewhere around Norfolk, he was always interested in going undercover and investigating such things, when he was younger he would investigate who stole the cookie from the cookie jar....Some humor there. Anyway as he grew up through the years he became more and more interested in topics and jobs such as the FBI or CIA, he began to make his own small "company" when he was about 19 which investigated small things at first, but during one of his "missions" he found this, gear or cog looking thing of which he didnt know about but was getting reports of people touching it and fine, maybe more stronger in a sence whats the word,  maybe defence was a better word at the time of writin this. When he took it home and was you could say, playing around with it a car rolled up to his garage and out stepped a man with a coat saying the words "FBI" [UIU], they approached the young man and offered for him to join the group with some more training of course but nonetheless he accepted, and thats where I am now an agent of the UIU... Agent Lead signing off.

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Name: Patrick Austin


SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:146052388


Name you will use for UIU: Agent Austin


Why do you want to join UIU:

UIU I believe fits the gap between Passive RP & Combat. Having the ability to passive RP, negotiate and more. While as well being able to get into heated firefights and conduct massive raids. UIU is an awesome job, yet lacks in activity, something I can assist in. I’m a somewhat long time member of the community, doing extremely well in RP, and proven myself in the previous iterations of UIU. It fits a niche that other GOIs don’t, providing unique RP. Especially now with dedicated disguises so that UIU can truly be undercover, just gives me plenty of ideas for RP.


Write a short backstory for your UIU character: 


##-Interview Log 323-A-##


-Start Log-


Agent ██████ - “Please state your name for the record”


Agent Austin - “[Data Expunged]” 


Agent ██████ - “Do you know why you're here exactly?” 


Agent Austin - “I was never actually told” *Nervous Laugh* 


Agent ██████ - “As you know in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, we like to keep a close eye on each of our agents, and you’ve well proven to be a unique specimen. You appear to spend a lot of your time browsing forums and discussing with others about a theory about Paranormal “Anomalies”, correct?”


Agent Austin - “Uhh, well why do you need to necessarily know? Why exactly am I here?


Agent ██████ - “It’s a yes or no”


Agent Austin - “Yes”


Agent ██████ - “Now the more important question, do you actually believe in this? The belief that there are things in our own universe that are theoretically impossible, yet exist?”


Agent Austin - “Yes”


Agent ██████ - “Then we can begin with stage 2.”


Agent ██████ - “It’s about time I tell you the reason that you’re here. Everything is true. Paranormal items, anomalies, they all exist. And you’ve been selected for the FBI’s Unusual Incidents Unit (UIU), and you’ve passed the entry stage. From now you will no longer be referred to as [Data Expunged], he no longer exists, died in a drug cartel firefight standoff. Not even your own mother will know what really happened. Your new name and badge number will be “Patrick Austin” and Badge Number: 8556. Welcome to the UIU, Agent.”


-End Log-


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Name:  Felix Crimson

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:218981513

Name you will use for UIU:  Felix Crimson/ Agent Crimson

Why do you want to join UIU: 

The only fact, that i'm part of a investigation group it's beautiful!

when i was a kid i wanted to be an FBI agent, well, i can say that i'm doing it.

the negotiantions with the enemies,  setting up a UIU investigation case! 

AMAZING! The ideas for the RP are so interesting!

Write a short backstory for your UIU character: 

Date: 1999 US Oregon

Dad? Yes, Honey? You will never leave me right? Sure...(sounds of knocking in the background)

I'm coming! Good morning sir, how can i he-(Shooting sounds)

???: Never, deal with the CI.....


25 years later....

FBI! We are searching for Felix Crimson!

Hi sir! how can i help you? 


Sorry, what!?

CI...You know this name right?

Yeah, so what do you want?

We are investigating on your father's case, he was in the affairs of the CI, and someone wanted him dead..

We are here to ask you if you want to join the UIU, a special FBI group that investigate about strange fenomenus.

Like CI group.

Why, me? Why i have to join you?

Because, if you don't, we will terminate you...

You know to much...

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