Key's Second Staff App

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+1 Yes

But there are enough people with ULX in 501st grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😡

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It's key,

do I even need to say anything?

HUGE +1!!

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One of the nicest and most mature people on the server. He's extremely active and dedicated and I think he would make a really great staff. He knows what he's doing. It's also a great app so good luck man and I hope you get it because you really deserve it

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As a Executive Admin, I believe this is a VERY good staff app and one of the best choices. He is always on late night and helping to catch minges when needed. It would be very helpful having a late night staff buddy since John left me on my own. Excellent in RP and never had an issue. Huge +1. Be surprised if he doesn't get Staff.

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+1 From his time in 501st he has shown maturity which is shown from his rank. Will make a great addition to staff with his friendly attitude. Good luck. 

-1 Likes Jo Jo too much

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Spoken to him a few times and he seems like a quality guy.

Good app and experienced on server.

Pretty much everything else said above

Definitely would make a good addition to the staff team.





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Massive +1

Key at the current moment is one of the best applicants applying at the current moment. He is extremly competent at what he does and shows it well within the server. He reached a high rank within 501st which was amazing to see. The application is excellent and shouldn't be frowned upon.

Good Luck



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