SCP Roleplay Server Rules

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SCP-RP V6 Ruleset

Section 1 - In Character Rules

1.1 - Character Names

1.1.1:  You must have a valid roleplay name. You must have a realistic first name and last name that is also not mingy e.g. Mike Oxmall. 

1.1.2: Celebrity names and names based off of an existing character are not allowed.

1.1.3: Certain jobs are allowed to not follow theses rules. (Such as MTF Nu-7, O5, GOC, etc.)

1.2 - Metagaming

1.2.1: Do not metagame. Metagame is the act of using information gained OOC, IC e.g. looking at the scoreboard and knowing someone's job. 

1.2.2: Communicating IC info using Discord or a similar chat program is also forbidden and counts as metagame. 

1.2.3: You may use TS3 channels to communicate IC info.

1.2.4: You may not use players Keycards to know their identity. For example, seeing the color/keycard name to know if they are Foundation. Or looking at the name of the keycard to assume someone's name.

1.2.5: Player and group uniforms are forgotten after 20 minutes of not being seen. You may keep refreshing the 20 minute timer if you actively see someone or are recieving information regrding uniforms from somebody actively seeing the uniforms (E.G: A Field Agent is spying on CI and reporting information about their uniforms on comms). Regular NLR takes priority over this 20 minute timer.

1.2.6 Alpha-1 and O5 council members are exempt from this only on the basis of needing to know each others identities in-character to perform job duties like expected.

1.3 - FearRP

1.3.1: FearRP relates to anything which could unnecessarily endanger your life without a relevant RP gain. 

1.3.2: FearRP is optional on this server 

1.3.3:  You must listen to your kidnapper's orders while under gunpoint if and when you are cuffed.

1.3.4: If your kidnapper is forcing you to break rules you mustn’t obey their orders as you will be punished; call a staff member and inform them of your situation.

1.3.5: FearRP does not apply for SCP-016, SCP 008-II and SCP-049-II

1.3.6: While MTF Sigma-66/Omega-12, you are required to follow orders from the HoEA and anyone who says they can command you.

1.4 - NLR

1.4.1 - General NLR rules Do not break NLR. NLR is short for New Life Rule which in turn is how you will forget everything about your previous life. This means if you were to die, you will instantly forget everything which occurred during said life. You must not return to the area of your death for 5 minutes (this is displayed as the NLR timer at the top of the screen) and your screen darkens when you reach said area. If where you died is a common area to walk through, you are permitted to run through this area if you need to access another part of the map e.g. you died at LCZ/HCZ checkpoint and you need to get to EZ. For the purposes of events, if you die, you may be able to retain certain pieces of information from your previous life in informed you can do by a member of the event team or a member of SMT You can remember someone’s appearance/voice for as long as you or they remain alive If somebody changes disguise, you cannot tell who they are based on appearance or voice unless you witness them change disguises. Creating documents, signs, textscreens or any other method of noting down information that persists after death to remember player uniforms or player weapon loadouts is strictly forbidden and is considered breaking NLR. Creating the priorly mentioned things to note down member names, base locations, group names and anomalous objects owned is not considered a breach of NLR rules.

1.4.2 - Raiding NLR rules When a user has died during a raid, said user is not allowed to return to that raid and must wait until it is over; this includes any contribution to the raid such as providing sniper assistance down or directly joining the attack.. During Foundation raids, any Foundation personnel that die may only rejoin the raid when it has reached another area of the site e.g. if you die at Gate A, you can only start defending again if they reach Glass Gate; this is only applicable to Foundation personnel.

1.5 - FailRP

1.5.1: Body climbing is allowed if done reasonably e.g. one person boosting you up to a location as this is appropriate IC However stacking up more than one person is considered abuse and is a warnable offense.

1.5.2: Minging or trolling is not allowed; this is where you act in a way that ruins someone else’s gaming/roleplay experience. Mass minging/trolling can be punishable by a permanent ban

1.5.3: Unrealistically interacting with SCPs is not allowed i.e. asking to be infected by SCP-049

1.5.4: Consistently hitting players with a stunstick is FailRP and is known as Stun Stick Abuse (SSA)

1.5.5: Lockpicking unrealistically i..e lockpicking a blast door is counted as FailRP

1.5.6: Stripping a players comms when they are cuffed without knowing why, then running away is counted as FailRP.

1.5.7: Having more than 1 base on surface is considered megabasing/FailRP.

1.6 - Powergaming

1.6.1: Powergaming is where you use /me to perform unrealistic RP actions e.g. /me snaps your neck like John Wick

1.7 - Fake IDs

Fake IDs are not allowed under any circumstances

1.8 - Erotic Roleplay (ERP)

1.8.1: ERP is strictly forbidden.

1.9 - Demotion Rules

1.9.1: If you are demoted, you may not switch back to the job you were demoted from for 15 minutes.

1.9.2: Heads of Department/Jobs (e.g. mayor) may demote those who are below them but they must provide some sort of evidence to the staff member who claimed the sit.

1.9.3: Foundation Administration may demote (within reason) Civilians/GoI members to D-Class as a recruitment method.

1.9.4: Captured personnel must be demoted, recruited (Sigma 66/Omega-12), interrogated, freed or executed after 10 minutes of being imprisoned. Interrogations must end after 10 minutes and the captured user must be demoted, recruited, freed or executed unless the user being interrogated consents to it being longer in LOOC.

1.9.5: CSB Units may demote CL3 and below units in the absence of Site Administration and Department Heads. For instance, if there is no Head of Security on or SD/O5 they have the power to demote Security Units.

1.10 - RDM/RDA

1.10.1: You need a valid IC reason to attack/arrest/handcuff another player.

1.10.2: Attempted RDM and Accidental RDM (including crossfire)  also come under this rule

1.10.3: Valid kill reasons are listed under rule 1.14

1.11 - Raiding Rules

1.11.1: Hacking, shooting, lock picking, battering ramming a door are acts of raiding.

1.11.1: Kidnapping and entering an area without doing any of the acts in 1.11.1 is not considered raiding.

1.11.2: The raid cooldown timer is 5 minutes.

1.11.3: Hacking GA and then immediately moving to MT and vice versa does not count as a raid ending.

1.11.4: During a raid, you may kill unarmed foundation personnel if they:

- Witness you kill another foundation member

- Are Site Administration (you must confirm they are administration)

- Threaten to/are reporting you on comms as hostile

- Witness you hacking/lockpicking any foundation door

- Do not comply with orders when you threaten them (with weapon out)

1.11.5: Raiding someone and then camping the area you raided will not be tolerated, this does not apply to remaining in the Foundation. This is only applicable to GOI and Playerbase raids.

1.12 - Taking matters into your own hands

1.12.1: Do not, under any circumstances, take matters into your own hands to deal with someone breaking rules by breaking rules yourself.

1.12.2: Ensure that you contact staff whenever you suspect/see someone breaking rules.

1.13 - Player Made Events (PMEs)

1.13.1: PMEs are strictly forbidden and can range from starting a cult to making up an SCP object; ensure you contact staff if you are unsure if something is a PME.

1.14 - Reasons to shoot players

1.14.1: The following reasons are circumstances when you can shoot a player:

- You have a valid reason to feel threatened (Having holstered weapons around you is not a reason for this).

They opened fire on you first.

- You have warned the person before shooting them (countdown from 5 given)

- Witness you hacking/lockpicking any foundation door

- The person is trespassing whilst refusing to identify themselves; refusing implies that you asked them, trespassing is not simply someone that you’ve never seen before in the Foundation.

- Someone is hacking a fading door and you 100% know it's him/her. If you are not sure, detain and question them first.

- Anyone damages significant personnel in regards of combat engagement. This means - You may not shoot someone who shot a Class-D, but you may shoot someone who shot a MTF.

- Playermodels such as SCP-016, SCP-008-II and SCP-049-II may be immediately fired upon.

- They attempt to cuff you randomly/without stated reason.
Unless you know or can reasonably assume they are from your organstation/job/etc.
(E.G: CI may kill Foundation attempting arrests, MCND may kill Police attempting an arrest on them etc)

- False detainments/arrests on higher ranked personnel.

- D-Class piling up in airlock without being asked can be seen as an escape attempt. (Countdowns are still required for 3 or less D-Class in airlock.)

1.15 - Reasons to not shoot players

1.15.1: The following are circumstances where you should not shoot a player:

They break rules; you don't fight fire with fire; always report to staff.

- You suspect them for WHATEVER reason.

- A person your clearance or below gives you an order (not that in regards of same clearance you DON'T HAVE TO)

- They threaten you whilst they are unarmed.

- They threaten your friends, unless you are certain they would be capable of doing so (you saw them with weapons before, etc)

- You have not warned the person you aim to kill beforehand.

1.16 - Reasons to find players suspicious

1.16.1: The following circumstances is when you can find a player suspicious

- They are near (20 m radius MAX) a keycard scanner being hacked

- They behave suspiciously (Easily said - very primitive. Use common sense for this, suspicious is not wearing uniform that you’ve never seen or them being someone you’ve never seen before)

- They are walking around with their guns un-holstered.

- You are Foundation and you witness them change into a Foundation disguise.

- You directly witness them speak into the communication channels of a known GOI. You may not hold suspicion on someone if they speak in comms that you do not own.

- They have a playermodel that is completely out of the ordinary (See below 6.6. for a full list)

- You hear their radio beep when a message is relayed through comms you own and belonged to a hostile/known GOI/Foundation(If a GOI).

- If your suspicions are correct and the person is unarmed, refrain from shooting on sight, opt instead to restrain the person who is suspected of being a threat.

- Anomalies, Civilians/Police Uniforms in HCZ/LCZ are considered suspicious.

-False detainments/arrests on lower/same ranked personnel.

1.17 - Reasons you cannot find people suspicious

1.17.1: You cannot find someone suspicious based on their weaponry e.g. Nu-7 Recruit has an AR-15 - need to confirm. However, if you said on comms “an A-1 with a UMP hacked MT” this would be acceptable and said A-1 would be suspicious and could be arrested.

1.17.2: This doesn’t apply to jobs that cannot purchase weapons from weapon lockers e.g. a researcher with an AK-47 is suspicious.

1.18 - Consequence RP

1.18.1: Consequence RP is defined as “Your actions have consequences which you cannot evade”

1.18.2: The following are circumstances of Consequence RP:

- You may not try to rescue a unit that is higher clearance level than you if you are not sure that you will be able to rescue him without getting him killed. You must be 100% sure!

- Higher clearance units than the one being kidnapped can order you to do a rescue operation even if you are not 100% sure.

- If the kidnapped unit is a Site Director or the O5 you cannot try to rescue them without permission from another member of Site Administration

- You may not do anything that would not be beneficial to the foundation and harm it at the same time! (As Pro Foundation)

1.18.3: Common sense applies when considering situations where Consequence RP is involved.

1.18.4: Consequence-RP applies no matter what.

1.19 - Racism IC

1.19.1: IC Racism is acceptable as long as it is executed in a professional and non-exaggerated/mingy manner e.g. spamming the n word is not considered professional.

1.20 - Bodyblocking

1.20.1: Bodyblocking whilst unarmed is not allowed; you can only bodyblock if you have a gun out (on or off safety) or you have a stunstick out.

1.20.2: You are not allowed to bodyblock as SCP-999, SCP-1048, and SCP-2295

1.21 - Kidnapping Rules

1.21.1: Do not kidnap other individuals as they spawn

1.21.2: Surface armoury is not considered a spawn zone nor is it an OOC zone, thus you may kidnap people inside of it.

1.22 - Radio Comms Rules

1.22.1: You cannot use radio comms as a means of knowing someone’s voice If somebody says something on a radio and then later speaks around you, you cannot know that their voice was used on the radio

1.22.2: You can know that someone has spoken on comms if you witness them directly doing so This can only be done if you strip comms off of a confirmed CI member and see somebody speak on CI comms.

Section 2 - Out of Character Rules

2.1 - Impersonating Staff

2.1.1: Impersonating staff is not allowed. Simply just mimicking or pretending to be a specific member of staff for the purpose of gaining a rank or purely out of spite.

2.1.2: This can be punished by a permanent ban, depending on the severity of the impersonation.

2.2 - Disrespecting Staff/Players

 2.2.1: Do not disrespect staff (DTS) or players (DTP). Disrespect in any form is not tolerated and will be punished depending on the severity of the disrespect and is up to the staff member who is dealing with the sit

2.3 - Racism

 2.3.1: Racism OOC is not tolerated in any situation; jokingly being racist is not an exception to this rule.

2.4 - Language use on the server

2.4.1: As this is a UK server, the official language to be used is English so that staff can communicate easily with players/players can communicate with each other

2.4.2: Speaking another language will not be punished severely and staff will ask for you to speak English.

2.4 - Abusing server features

2.4.1: Abusing third person to see around corners (applicable in non-combat jobs but that can get small arms i.e. class D, HoEA etc.) is not allowed

2.4.2: Sit abuse (or alt+E abuse) is not allowed. This is where a player sits to glitch into areas they would normally not get easy access to e.g. D-Block airlock to control room.

2.5 - Cheating/Hacking

2.5.1: Using any cheats or hacks of any kind  e.g. Aimbot, triggerbot is not allowed

2.6 - Job Abuse

2.6.1: Do not job abuse; this is where you change job to give yourself a benefit/advantage in a situation.

2.6.2: An example of job abuse would be you are playing as a researcher and see a Class-D escaping so you switch to security in order to gun down the Class-D; this would be considered job abuse.


2.7.1: Do not leave to avoid punishment (LTAP). Leaving during an admin sit or after breaking the rules to avoid any given punishment does not avoid the original punishment but increases it by a two day ban.

2.7.2: Do not leave to avoid RP (LTARP). Leaving whilst being arrested or kidnapped is considered LTARP. LTARP can be avoided if a player communicates with their kidnapper or a staff member to say that you need to go.

2.7.3: If your game crashes and you leave after you have broken rules or are in an RP scenario, you will not be punished. Staff are able to tell if you have crashed or not.

2.8 - Voice Changers/Soundboards

2.8.1: Do not use a voice changer without Admin or above’s permission; otherwise it will be counted as micspam.

2.8.2: Do not use a soundboard without Admin or above’s permission; otherwise it will be counted as micspam.

2.9 - Interrupting Staff Sits

2.9.1: Do not interrupt staff sits; using any weapon/SWEP on any participants of the sit will result in a punishment depending on the severity.

2.10 - Invalid Staff Sits

2.10.1: Calling a staff sit for an invalid reason will result in a punishment for wasting staff time e.g. “@ slap me daddy”

2.11 - Stream Radios

2.11.1: Stream Radios must have a reasonable radius and volume.

2.11.2: A reasonable radius is considered the size of the room you are placing them in or a small radius if placed on the surface

2.11.3: You must not have loud volume/large radius radios playing annoying music/sounds

2.12 - Ban Evading

2.12.1: In any circumstance, using an alternate account to connect to the server whilst the player’s main account is banned is not allowed; the server will automatically ban a player it detects is joining using an alt account.

2.13 - DDoS

2.13.1: Speaking or joking about DDoS is forbidden in any situation OOC or IC resulting in an instant mute; excessively commenting on DDoS will result in a ban.

2.14 - Encouraging Rule Breaking

2.14.1: Do not encourage other players to alter or break rules for any reason as it can be a form of trolling

2.15 - Going AFK as a job

2.15.1: Try not to go AFK whilst playing a job as it may be needed whilst you are AFK and other players may need the job for RP; if you’re planning on going AFK, use /afk to free up the slot.

2.16 - Unofficial RP Groups

2.16.1: Unofficial RP groups are completely forbidden

2.16.2: Having a ranking structure (e.g. in police jobs) is fine as long as it does not overrule set server ranks

2.16.3: Having a shared family name is fine as long as people from different jobs do not team e.g. SGs aiding CI as they have a family name

2.16.4: Having a group RP discord is also strictly forbidden.

2.17 - Lying to Staff

2.17.1: Lying to staff in OOC situations/sits will result in your punishment being extended if caught.

2.18 - PAC3 Rules

2.18.1: Loud/annoying sound effects must not be used

2.18.2: Massive props must not be used (except during events when given permission by member of event team or SMT e.g. a massive mechanoid)

2.18.3: Resizing yourself is not allowed unless granted permission from a super admin or SMT.

2.18.4: Your material must not be changed at all

2.18.5: PACs must be realistic for your role i.e. Class-D mustn’t have weapons on their back or the SD can’t have cat ears.

2.18.6: You cannot change your model unless permitted from a member of SMT or super admins who can give model change permissions. Changing your head also counts as changing your model.

2.18.7: Features from your current PAC3 can be used to identify you in RP e.g. An E-11 has “MTF Epsilon 11” written on them meaning GOIs can identify them as E-11.

2.19 - Wiremod/E2 Rules

2.19.1: Utilising any sort of client side effects is strictly forbidden

2.19.2: Utilising E2 or Wiremod to gain an advantage over other players is strictly forbidden


2.19.3: Any E2’s or builds using Wiremod considered completely ridiculous and therefore obstructing roleplay are strictly forbidden For example, builds that inform players what number of players are at specific players in the map (using trackers) is not allowed However, builds that give information about SCPs currently on the site and whether they are breached or not are fine.

2.19.4: You may not use E2 or Wiremod to make your own radio unless given permission by SMT

2.19.5: You may not use E2 or Wiremod to build cars

2.19.6: You cannot use E2 or Wiremod to make any weird effects without permission from SMT

2.19.7: If a member of the staff team asks you to remove your E2, please do so.

2.19.8: Abusing any kind of E2 function is strictly forbidden and can result in you losing your E2 access.

Section 3 - Building/Prop Rules

3.1 - Prop spamming

3.1.1: Do not attempt to crash the server by spamming props maliciously or doing any other activity found to be attempting to crash/lag out the server; if found, you will be instantly issued with a permanent ban.

3.2 - Prop minging

3.2.1: Do not prop minge; this where a player uses props in a manner considered to be unbeneficial to roleplay or that which would disrupt roleplay.

3.3 - Prop climbing

3.3.1: Do not prop climb; this is the act of using unrealistic props to gain access to previously inaccessible areas e.g. creating a staircase to get onto a roof you can’t normally access

3.3.2: Creating a staircase/ramp to a larger build doesn’t count as prop climbing as it is a realistic way to reach it.

3.4 - Building inside CCs

3.4.1: Players may build/place props within containment chambers as long as it is for a valid RP reason.

3.4.2: The purpose of a CC must not be overridden i.e. if there’s no one playing 682, you cannot turn their CC into a cafeteria.

3.5 - Prop block

3.5.1: Do not use props to block off areas of the map or doors/entrances to buildings.

3.6 - Camera Rules

3.6.1: When blocking off cameras, you must always use props that are destroyable.

3.6.2: Cameras cannot be invisible or floating mid air i.e. they must be connected to a wall, the floor or a prop connected to a wall or the floor.

3.6.3: Placing cameras near disguise vendors to watch who changes into a new disguises is strictly forbidden.

3.7 - Multi-layered props

3.7.1: Do not build multi-layered props i.e. placing props within one another to prevent destruction from certain SWEPs/weapons/tools is not allowed.

3.8 - Props as defenses/cover

3.8.1: You are allowed to place barricades as cover around the Site and at places like Gate A to compensate for the lack of cover these areas provide without a checkpoint However, between EZ corridor and Glass Gate, you are not allowed to spawn props that give you cover.

3.8.2: If a piece of cover is overly obstructive i.e. people are jumping/ducking to get around the cover it will be either deleted or no-collided. 

3.8.3: Head Glitching i.e. using defenses in a way that makes it unrealistically difficult for raiders to see and/or shoot you is not allowed. Defenses do not count as being head glitch spots when the upper chest,arms and head are visible when they have a weapon out off safety.

3.9 - Building during a raid

3.9.1: You are not allowed to build in other people’s bases if raiding (or not); this includes the site if you are not foundation personnel.

3.10 - Checkpoint Rules

3.10.1: All checkpoints that are built should have a maximum of two fading doors, hydraulic doors and so on. These must have an open time of at least 5 seconds when activated. The entry system of a checkpoint should consist of no more than 2 stages. Keycard locked doors and gates already count as a stage of a checkpoint.

3.10.2: Checkpoints may not contain any one-way props i.e. each part of the checkpoint must be transport or opaque from both sides in order for both sides to have an even playing field.

3.10.3: You must not consistently hide behind Glass Gate, nor can you constantly keep it locked down; after 15 minutes has passed (after a situation) the lockdown must be undone.

3.10.4: Unarmed personnel are not meant to build checkpoints; building one as an unarmed personnel will result in the checkpoint being removed.

3.10.6: Checkpoints must always be manned; if they are not, they will be removed or no-collided

3.10.6: Checkpoints cannot be built over map-generated checkpoints such as LCZ/HCZ checkpoints, lockdown blast-doors and Class-D airlock.

3.10.7: Facescanners follow the same rules as ID checking. You can only facescan at Checkpoints and while someone is cuffed. If people give consent to being facescanned you may do it.

3.10.8: Checkpoints inside the site can only be built at the following locations:

Site Administration Office (Located in EZ)


HCZ Crossroads at these positions



3.11 - Building inappropriate structures

3.11.1: Building structures such as a concentration camp, humongous wall or anime-related church is not allowed and is considered an unrealistic action in roleplay; this is not an exhaustive list of inappropriate structures. 

3.12 - Inappropriate textscreens

3.12.1: Textscreens must not be used for disrespecting other players or as an inappropriate language graffiti tool.

3.13 - Creating vehicles

3.13.1: Moving and active vehicles are not to be made with props and/or wiremod; exceptions can be made in the case of an event and only with permission of a member of the event team or SMT.

3.14 - Key Card scanners

3.14.1: Hidden keycard scanners are not allowed; scanners must be clearly visible.

3.14.2: Secret rooms inside of structures must not have keycard scanners hidden away in extremely absurd places.

3.14.3: Fake keycard scanners are not allowed.

3.15 - KOS Lines/Signs

3.15.1: KOS lines or any forms of KOS warning signs are strictly forbidden and are therefore not to be used in any context.

3.16 - Funneling

3.16.1: Funneling is the process of making people run through long and tight man-made corridors or through mazes of fences to slow them down; this is against the rules and also comes under killboxing (3.17)

3.17 - Killboxes

3.17.1: Do not make killboxes of any kind; a killbox is a confined area in which attackers are forced to funnel through and can easily get stuck where defenders would be able to pick them off whilst they wait for a gate/door/fading door to open.


A double faded door system which requires attackers to funnel into a box from which they can be shot from all interior areas of the pizzeria, they cannot leave as the fading door behind them blocks them in, therefore making it a killbox.

As seen in the photo below, it is no longer a killbox as attackers can head back outside whenever they would like, allowing them to get in, start the hack and return to cover, no longer providing the defenders with a massive advantage, but rather buying them time to prepare.



Section 4 - Foundation Job Rules

4.1 - Going to Surface

4.1.1: Any job can go onto the surface only with a valid RP reason e.g. SD can leave the site in the event of mass breach.

4.1.2: Foundation jobs like HoEA, Field Agents and Nu-7 can leave the site whenever.

4.2 - Going rogue

4.2.1: You cannot go rogue as a Foundation job (it is considered FailRP) e.g. Nu-7 says he’s a CI and begins to shoot other Foundation personnel despite not being a CI member.

4.3 - Applying amnestics

4.3.1: Amenstics (Class A for example)  can only be applied by using “/me applies Class A Amnestics” or by using “Class A Amenstics Swep” that ISD have

4.3.2: If you are given amnestics you forget everything that has happened in RP in the last 20 minutes.

4.3.3: Amnestics can only be applied when the person you are applying them to is in cuffs.

4.3.4: HoEA, Nu-7 CO, A-1, FA, SD and DoEAA can apply Class-A Amnestics

Section 5 - GOI Rules

5.1: You may not raid as Marshall Carter and Dark or Chaos Insurgency Operative unless given permission by a WLed member of the group you are playing as.

5.2 - Marshal Carter and Dark Rules

5.2.1: Do not spam purchase or spam take drugs/alcohol when playing MC&D Salesman; this goes for any drug but mainly applies to spam buying/taking Heroin to become unkillable.

5.2.2: Marshall Carter and Dark Salesman is not to sell to D Class or Foundation personnel inside of the facility.

5.2.3: Marshall Carter and Dark Agents and Bouncers may be hired as Mercenaries of given permission by the Salesman.

5.2.4: Marshall Carter and Dark are not allowed to raid the Foundation unless provoked or if they are hired as mercenaries (Salesman cannot be hired as a mercenary)

5.3 - Chaos Insurgency Rules

5.3.1: CI Infiltrators have a different raid timer to the rest of CI and can therefore raid the site at different times.

5.3.2: CI are not allowed to cook grenades within the warehouse.

5.4 - Anderson Robotics Rules

5.3.1: Droids requite to have "PSHUD XXXX" in their name. (X representing random number)

5.3.2: Salesmen must not spawn in entities unless selling them.

5.3.3: Droids must listen to the Salesman/Owner regardless of what the order is. (If it breaks rules, call staff)

5.3.4: Salesmen may sell the Droids as Mercenaries/Bodyguards except to Foundation.

5.3.5: Droids can not sell themselves.

5.3.6: Droids, when sold, must listen to their new Owners, yet have priority on the Salesman. (Read 5.3.3)

5.3.7: Droids can not change their bodygroups, only skins.

Section 6 - Surface Jobs Rules

6.1: Civilians must only use the /setjob command for RP purposes. E.G: "/setjob Shop Owner" or if they have been converted to a GOI

6.2: Civilians must not use /setjob in an abusive way (E.G: /setjob Site Director).

6.3: Civilians in possession of weapons can use their weapons aggressively if they have a valid reason to

6.4: Civilians may team with a GOI only when a WL’d member enlists them.

6.5: Mugging and kidnapping as Civilian is strictly forbidden

6.6: News reporters may use weapons to raid the foundation if enough evidence has been gathered on the foundation itself

6.7: Class-Ds in possession of weapons may kill any foundation personnel within the facility

6.8: Escaped Class-Ds with civilian disguises may freely raid the foundation/attack foundation units

6.9: MC&D may only build at the club. 

Section 7 - SCP Rules

7.1:  You cannot use /setjob as SCP-016, SCP-008-II, SCP-049-II or as an anomaly

7.2: Do not constantly spam staff members asking for beach perms

7.3: Do not use the Bypasser SWEP unless breached.

7.4: If you have been automatically breached, you will have 14 minutes before you are returned to your CC.

7.5: Being killed during a breach or being recontained automatically ends your breach.

7.6: Automatic breaches occur every 40 minutes.

7.7: You mustn’t kill anyone who is outside of your CC unless you are breached

7.8 - SCP-049 Rules

7.8.1: 049 must not run under any circumstances when breaching, he must always walk.

7.8.2: 049 is scared of harpoons and must therefore move away when harpoons are pointed at it

7.8.3: 049 may only have 4 SCP-049-IIs at once and they must follow any order given by 049

7.8.4: 049-II’s may only leave the CC if 049 is breached or special permission is given for an event

7.8.5: 049 is only able to be terminated if given permission by the highest foundation personnel on at the time (refer to Chain of Command for the site)

7.9 - SCP-035 Rules

7.9.1: 035 must not spam his swep and may only use it from time to time as he takes on new host bodies

7.9.2: 035 is able to take anyone he wants meaning whoever wears his mask

7.9.3: 035 is able to manipulate people into doing actions which can benefit him e.g. opening his CC door.

7.9.4: However, 035 cannot manipulate people to mass break server rules

7.9.5: If killed in action, 035 can retain his past memory

7.9.6: 035 can be killed without permission when breaching as you are only killing its host, not the mask

7.9.7: 035 may not possess anyone outside his CC while not breached.

7.10 - SCP-106 Rules

7.10.1: 106 may only use noclip to immediately return to his CC if the femur breaker was activated or to phase short distances through doors.

7.10.2: 106 may not use fast noclip (shifting whilst nocliping) to appear directly in front/behind a player

7.10.3: 106 must return to his CC after a valid femur breaker is activated i.e. a Class-D has been placed inside the chamber and it is lowered.

7.10.4: 106 cannot talk

7.11 - SCP-1048 Rules

7.11.1: SCP-1048 has to follow the orders of containment units under gunpoint.

7.11.2: SCP-1048 is unable to open doors

7.11.3: SCP-1048 cannot talk.

7.12 - SCP-096 Rules

7.12.1: SCP-096 may only kill players who have seen his face, this is indicated by your swep.

7.12.2: SCP-096 may only use his CL5 to open doors which are directly in his way.

7.12.3: SCP-096 may not turn or move around while calm.

7.12.4: SCP-096 cannot talk.

7.12.4: You must not use the opportunity of a breach to MassRDM, this means you chase your target but you must not try and get people to look at your face, remember, only the target matters.

7.12.5: You may not use the third-person camera or PAC3 camera to look outside of your Containment Chamber.

7.12.6: Do not use the Bypasser SWEP to open your CC door or any others without the explicit intent to get your target. Should you break this, your whitelist will be removed on the basis of abusing SWEPs.

7.12.7: When in your Containment Chamber, you must sit in a corner and face the wall. You may not face the door or try and force a breach by making people look at you. It is FailBreaching if you do this.

7.12.8: You must kill anybody that looks at your face, whether or not you were RP’ing with them (i.e a scientist or D-Class, or any other player) you must chase and kill them.

7.12.9: Once you have killed your target, you must immediately sit down in the exact orientation you killed him and the spot where you stopped. You may not move around after this.

7.12.10: Nobody in Foundation can forcefully breach you, this means that if a Foundation personnel goes to your containment chamber, looks at your face and begins running purely to breach you, it is a rule break and you must report it. You may not chase the target if they have purposefully looked at your face.

7.12.11: Be careful to avoid accidents. This includes accidental killings while swiping with the SCP-096 SWEP. In these situations, should a staff sit be necessary, it’s good to always have evidence as staff can determine the course of action.

7.12.12: You may not kill other SCP’s. You may also not continue chasing an immortal target for more than one minute.

7.12.18: You may kill individuals blocking doors to your target, however you may not simply kill anybody on the path. They have to be actively obstructing you to be considered “allowed to kill”.

7.13 - SCP-173 Rules

7.13.1: SCP-173 is able to move around freely in his own CC using his swep and will only stop if someone is to enter and look at him. 

7.14- SCP-966 Rules

7.14.1: SCP-966 is allowed to kill anyone it is able to.

7.14.2: SCP-966 is invisible to everyone unless they are using a thermal vision device which allows them to see him.

7.15 - SCP-076-II Rules

7.15.1: SCP-076-II must kill any humans he comes across.

7.15.2: SCP-076-II CC may be flooded once breached, the CC may not be flooded if SCP-076-II is in containment. 

7.15.2: SCP-076 must not be friendly with Foundation personnel.

7.16 - SCP-913 Rules

7.16.1: 913 can only be terminated with permission from the highest foundation personnel on at the time.

7.17 - SCP-682 Rules

7.17.1: There are no rules.

7.18 - SCP-087-II Rules

7.18.1: There are no rules

7.19 - SCP-939 Rules

7.19.1: SCP-939 may not choose who to kill and who not.

7.19.2: SCP-939 can only talk in voice lines they have heard from other players.

7.20 - SCP-999 Rules

7.20.1: SCP-999 is not allowed to open doors.

7.20.2: SCP-999 Can help during gunfights by taking the bullets and has a passive healing to anyone close enough to it.

7.20.3: SCP-999 Cannot talk, However can make “noises” like purring as SCP-999 is able to do that.

7.20.4: SCP-999 must not release anyone from cuffs.

7.20.5: SCP-999 is not allowed to enter other scp containment chambers unless cross testing.

7.21 - SCP-2295 Rules

7.21.1: Do not body block doors

7.21.2: SCP-2295 can only be killed if ordered from Clearance 5+

7.21.3: SCP-2295 must not Release people from cuffs.

7.21.4: SCP-2295 is not allowed to enter other SCP Containment Chambers unless cross testing

7.21.5: SCP-2295 is not allowed to open doors.

7.21.6: SCP-2295 is not allowed to speak

7.22 - SCP-073 Rules

7.22.1: Do not go into fighting zones/stay out of combat.

7.22.2: Do not go to 076-II's CC without permission from an O5/Event Team.

7.22.3: Do not minge around in anyway or else your WL could be removed.


Any actions considered loopholes will result in an even greater punishment.

If a "rule" is not listed in the ruleset then it is not a rule but it is up to the staff members involved whether or not punishments can be made from other rules breaks.

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