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What your suggestion is: Implement a new award that is decided and given by High Command. Each month high command will have to decide on which regiment did the best on that month (Activity, performance during and after events, member count, seriousness of the regiment and many more ways to decide)  after it has been decided who gets ROTM a super admin+ will add a plaque on the main map anaxes and perma prop it till next ROTM has been chosen. Plaque (Prop that symbolizes the regiment/photo of the regiment) could be placed in the bunks, main lobby or the armoury. Each month the plaque will be replaced with a different one symbolizing the regiment that has  achieved the award last month. This will encourage hierarchy members to get some extra logs  or just improve activity on the server.


  • Bragging rights.
  • Free advertising, for example: CT 1378 Pie Face joins the server and sees 501st being ROTM after that he decides to join them.
  • Adds the extra proudness to the members of the regiment .
  • Possibly less mingey people in a regiment due to the fact cuz of them, the regiment lost ROTM (This could be a con for some people like me).
  • Gives members a reason to try not to minge in front of the Admiral.


  • Drama: There will be some members who will start to cry or disrespect other regiments. Some people will leave the regiment and start drama with other regiments due to the fact that they lost.
  • Extra work for Admiralty.
  • Leeches: some hierarchy members will become more "Friendly" with admirals just so they have bigger chance of them being ROTM.
  • Biased voting due to the fact some hierarchy members will be better friends with the Admiralty then others. 

Scriptfodder/workshop link: None

Any additional information: Comments and  some problems I can think of with this that I see with this suggestion:

  1. RC - lets be honest due to the fact that they are the most active and best preforming regiment aswell as there's only 10 of em, they should get the award every single month. + you cant remove them from the list as it would be kinda of a dick move but if RC would be okay with it then it would be fine. Or maybe let them vote with high command.
  2. Battalion have the same problem ,but you could make it so some battalion members vote with the Admiralty on who gets it.
  3. How will it be chosen it if there are 4 members (or more) voting. 
  4. Scenario that could happen: CT 8271 Jacob Hamilton joins CE and gets the rank of SO+ and at the end of the month he decides to fly his ship into the debrief killing everyone. Will CE not get ROTM just because of some retard, 0even though the regiment did the best out of every other regiment?
  5. I cant predict if there will be huge drama or noone will care at all. But if there will be drama at all between the commanders i can see why this wont get added.
  6. If High command doesn't want to do it then let the community vote (Some downsides to this will be for example: after the mass dying of CT recently, it prob would have been voted as ROTM just for memes.


Image bellow showing an example for how the plaque may look.


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I like the idea of having something for Regiments to work towards instead of just performing well in events and trainings that they do internally. I think this idea could work very well as it is or with a few tweaks. The alternate idea that this could turn into would be something like a server wide tournament at the end of every month and the winner getting a plaque every month. Either of these ideas would obviously need work to maintain and carry out efficiently and frequently but could benefit the server as a whole if done correctly.

Therefore I +1 the idea but it will need to be talked about with a lot of people to get it right.

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Navas makes a good point, why not host a tournament to prove how well a regiment is doing at the end of each month. Testing combat skills and communications to eventually come out on top. Easier way to earn a plaque without the bitching about who gets it. 

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Seems pretty cool.

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Cool idea but i think it would work better with a tournament at the end of the month, or with some kind of challenge like "the most tryouts held" or "trainings done" or something along those lines over the span of a month. However, Battalion and RC wouldn't be able to do the first thing so it would be a bit unfair on them.

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this idea is overall great. The tournament idea that people bring up I think are better as it not only helps regiments communicate better and improve as a team but also adds a big competive aspect

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+1 would be cool to have something like this even tho 212th would never get it but oh well still would be fun.

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I agree with most people that a monthly tournament might work better. It seems like a fun thing to implement that would add a bit of a competitive aspect to things and also add more value to trainings and a reason to actually improve as a regiment. 


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+1 Great idea imo, brings something to work towards as a regiment every month!


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I really like the idea and if they can´t add the plaque thing it would still be nice to be able to show off to everyone in some way through some like channel or spreadsheet thing that they won. 

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I like this idea

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+1 I love drama on #1 UK SWRP

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