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What your suggestion is :Add Poker tables any of these would work Like Texas Hold'em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, 5 card draw, High/low Chicago or Follow the queen

Scriptfodder/workshop link:https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5043  (Harland should already own this as its been a thing for GTA rp

Any additional information:I made this suggestion in the past and it got denied because of problems with buying credits on the store but after talking with Harland he said himself that "Money packs don't impact if we can add poker" which i would myself assume means thats its okay but back to subject. I already suggested this once as i mentioned earlier and it was recived very well as i don't see why it wouldnt be added as we already have checkers and chess in a star wars universe so i would see nothing wrong with having something that you can enjoy. There is really no downside imo since its nothing that can harm someone since its really all about having some fun with friends. Also i want to mention that i am i not trying to make poker some super serious thing on the server by reseting economy instead I believe that people can enjoy it more if everyone has a more stable economy.

I do believe most people want something to spend money on outside of Bacta gel and shields so this be nice thing to have.  I


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SWRP not DarkRP. However a easy solution to poker if you and others want to play it is to go onto Poker websites and setup a match with those people and you can then use credits to buy in.

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just do /roll with a group of people, whoever gets the highest number in a round gets the money each person invested


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9 hours ago, Bongo said:

just do /roll with a group of people, whoever gets the highest number in a round gets the money each person invested


I think everyone can agree that /roll and most poker games are not the same as its first more organised in who gets more money and with poker you require logical thinking in when u have to fold and when you should go higher with bets which leads it to be being more enjoying and with /roll it is 100% based on luck and there is no skills at all. This leads to most people not wanting to do /roll as it only depends on 100% luck


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Just no. This suggestion has already been rejected in the past and I highly doubt that Spades would have a different opinion on gambling. The amnout of legal stuff that would be necessary for this to be added, is really not worth some poker.

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I like the idea but i think it would come under some legal scrutiny as you are enabling under 18 year olds to gamble with a virtual currency which can be purcheased with real life money. And you can just use an external site or game to play poker on and instead use in game credits to gamble with like Nathan said.

Also add the ability to set the maximum number to roll from so you can deathroll in game.





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Since you can buy credits some people would call this actual gambling as some new player may be tempted to buy credits just to gamble which since they would then be spending real money to gamble it probably wouldn't be good for Harland legally


If this was added there would probably be new people that buy credits just to gamble at poker so how many people would like this to be added I don't think Harland really wants to deal with the couple of people that will moan because they bought credits and lost them all gambling




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