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Type of suggestion (job/vehicle/etc): Vehicle


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Your suggestion: I dont know if its possible but basically when spawning the NSDAP Citroen at the NSDAP car spawner make it automatically spawn with the black skin with the NSDAP logo on it, instead of the camo skin 


Reasons for this suggestion: Waste of admins time when having to '@' an admin and then it being chance that admin is able to change skin, quicker to get back into RP


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i think it used to spawn in the NSDAP black skin, but it changed.

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This is a car dealer issue. Within the In Game Config. we have everything set up to spawn the car as Skin 1, yet when it spawns, it goes as skin 0. Within server files, to my knowledge we have not found a way to fix this, yet, and so I'm just going to deny this in that regard.

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