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Gunter Karl's 1 year request 2

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Name: Gunter Karl
TS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]: gSHHmOZb8H3/mgtRqXWq5KE0JZ4=
Requested Medal: 1 Year Medal
Evidence:  This may just be a screenshot but i will send a picture of the Screenshot in my file, steam saves images in a formatunknown.png.92d3a2b6ecb0754ffc6fe6f378a5df3f.png So this is the structure [2020. 01. 28. and i beleive the next numbers are the exact time of Screenshot, if need more proof i can retrieve a screenshot of my warns as the first day i played i got a tier 1 warn on the 28th of Jan202020200128225138_1.thumb.jpg.044676efbed9692dd7e110e762b7dd19.jpg
Extra Information: Its been around a month since i last applied.Capture.PNG.f5da22845b1d331e6fcbd8ae911feaf9.PNG

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Fair Enough. I did say wait a month, and you have. 1 Year Community Service Medal to be Issued.


Permission to Handle these Requests Granted by Syn.

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