Hash's 1st EP Application.

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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link:
Santiago + 
https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198332103170/ (If that doesn't work, let me know in the comments please!).

Roleplay Name:
Galactic Marines Commander Hash.

Teamspeak Name:

Playtime on the Server:
14 weeks, 4 days and 16 hours at the time of writing this.


Any experience in staffing:
Yes. As some of you know, I was staff on this server. The highest rank I had achieved was Senior Moderator so, I do have quite a bit of experienec when coming to ULX commands.

Current Age:
19 (but we'll say 20 because some people think I'm like, 25+ or something??).

I currently only have 1 warn which as MRDM. At the time, I was a Jedi, I was holding down my heavy attack with around 3 GM standing around me. When I was just about to cancel the attack, my finger had slipped and the attack was executed instead of cancelling, thus murdering 3 clones around me. A complete accident and not intentional at all.

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:
Yes, I'd like to think people can understand me whenever I ramble on about unnecessary things.

Event Plan:


Clone ECs, HP, Amount:
Black Sun Gang Member, Base HP, 8-10.
Black Sun Gang Leader, 3k HP, 1 (but he'll keep respawning as he'll ultimately be needed at the end of the event, if that makes sense?).

Passive ECs, HP, Amount:
Black Sun's Slave/Messenger, around 100k HP, just the 1 (not meant to die).

Jedi ECs, HP, Amount:
Sith Lord, 100k HP, 1.
Sith Apprentice, 62.5k HP, 1.

Republic's Execution:
Base Map Briefing:
The clones will be called to the MHB by the leading Battalion. When they arrive, they shall be informed of a gang named the Black Sun. They are currently operating on the planet of Nar Shaddaa and, as the Republic has been made aware of their existence, they are going to go over there and deal with them.

Planetary Map Briefing:
Upon arriving on the planet of Nar Shaddaa (rp_denon), the clones will simply await briefing. Just as the Battalion is begining the briefing (We're here to eliminate some Black Sun members, etc. etc.), a random civilian (the Black Sun's Messenger/Slave) storms into the briefing and asks them that the leader of the Black Sun Gang wishes to host a meeting with them and that they must all come at once. Therefore, the clones rush after the Messenger and follow him to the Strip Club.

Phase One:
Phase One shall consist of the Republic arriving at the Strip Club to be greeted by the Black Sun Gang Members at the Entrance. They'll begin to hurl abusive insults at the messenger (as he's literally just a slave anyway) before taking the clones into the main area of the Strip Club (where the tables and counters are). This is the area where the majority of the clones are going to be (for now) as well as the majority of the ECs.
The leading Battalion will be going with the Gang Leader to the negotiation room (shown below)
image.thumb.png.d755c8ae0656c9f212f9f4ed663f3625.pngOnly TWO members of RC will be allowed to go with the leading Battalion, posing as his bodyguards (they can be decided on the day) and NO ONE will be allowed passed the first set of stairs in the Strip Club, as shown below)
image.thumb.png.bdd39a219ca4605599b15e8f93a09176.pngHere there were will be possibly 2 ECs posing as guards, ushering people away (yes they will potentially have stun sticks, so don't piss them off). Within the negotiation room, the Gang Leader will be attempting to bribe the Republic with a handsome amount of credits, attempting to persuade them to leave Nar Shaddaa and forget about the crime that is operating there. The leading Battalion may be interested at first before coming to his senses and disagreeing with the Leader of the gang entirely.

The Gang leader will accept that no deal can be made, and wishes them a pleasant day, leading them, as well as the rest of the clones (the leading Battalion will order to the rest of the clones to leave the strip club) out of the strip club. All of a sudden, as soon as the final clone leaves the strip club, the Gang Members are ordered to open fire upon the clones as they're looking away, catching them completely off guard and by surprise!

All special equipment EXCEPT VEHICLES will be granted and this is where phase one comes to a close, as the clones will now push into the strip club, all the way back to the negotiation room and clear the hostiles.

Phase Two:
Now that the strip club has been cleared, the leading battalion will order the rest of the troops to get on Search & Destroy and find out where the rest of the Gang members are. As soon as this happens, more gang members begin to come from the droid factory. This is where Phase Two shall be based around. The ECs wil first be spawned outside the droid factory, before being spawned inside and the clones will have to be push inside of the Droid factory and finish them all off.

Phase Three:

As soon as the Droid Factory is dealt with, the Black Sun members will be coming from the Apartments near the Strip Clubs (the building shown below).

image.thumb.png.d118729ea50b16e8ff51c90e856dd765.pngThey'll pretty much be coming from the very top floor of these apartments and the clones will have to climb to the top of the building in order to take them out. GH regiments will obviously be able to climb up and approach the hostiles from the alternate angle but, this will also open up another route for hostiles to attack the clones from too.

Phase Four:
As Phase three begins to end, Phase Four shall introduce itself, as the hostiles will now be coming from the actual apartments near the HQ/Hospital side of the map. The Gang Members will simply be spawning in the apartments and will be able to jump down from the balconies and run towards the hospital/apartments next to the strip club (basically where the clones are).

This phase is also where the leader will order his men to finally surrender and RC will then take the men hostage and take them to a secure facility where they will be interrogated. This is where RC will also request all 74th Researchers to come and give the prisoners a certain type of chemical that will force them to tell them the truth, no matter how painful it may be (Similar to Veritaserum from the Harry Potter universe

The only knowledge that the prisoners will know is that the messenger who told the clones to follow him to the strip club is more than just a tool of the Black Sun's plans; he is something more than the Republic could ever imagine.. RC can then kill them or, whatever. 74th Researchers can then go and deliver the news to their hiearchy (obviously no one else).

Event Character Execution:

Phase One:
During Phase One of the Clone side, the ECs will be chilling in the main area of the strip club, just the same as the clones. As said previously, around 4-5 ECs will be here, 2 ECs will be guarding the first set of stairs further back in the strip club (as shown in the image earlier) and the remaining ECs will be at the negotiations themselves with one standing right outside the door, and two more inside behind the Gang Leader.

Now before the clones actually arrive, all ECs can just be relaxing in the main part of the strip club, awaiting further instructions from myself. As soon as the clones do arrive, the Black Sun's leader will happily invite them in, offer them a drink or two and invite them upstairs for the negotiations.

Spawns will primarily be in the rooms on the left, as shown below:

image.thumb.png.c7e90a57ae79e1225e0dbb044a0a9357.pngBefore being moved back to the room on the right on the next floor, as shown below:
image.thumb.png.2aafb181ab6754cc93fb4dc94cb3764d.pngFinally the spawn will then change to the negotiation room at the far back of the image above.

Phase Two:
Within Phase Two, the ECs are going to be spawning outside the droid factory, as shown in the image below.

image.thumb.png.934f7e12ababd0b7f1586eba33cb3aa6.pngBefore being pushed back into the very back of the Droid Factory itself, as shown below.
Phase 3:
Phase 3 shall consist of the ECs spawning in the Apartments that are near the Strip Club. They shall be spawning on the very top floor so non GH regiments will have to be making their way to the top via the stairs. However, GH regiments can of course approach the combat from alternative angles. As stated before, this also opens up combat routes for the ECs to run out of the top floor, on to the balcony above and cause havoc from there. Spawn point is shown below.

Phase Four:
Once the Clones have cleared out these specific apartments, they shall then be redirected to the actual apartments that are nearer to the Hospital and the HQ. Again, the spawn points will be on the top floor, where ECs will be able to either make their way down the stairs or jump down from the balconies of the apartments and gradually make their way over to the clones who, at this point, will be nearer towards the hospital. Spawn point is shown below.

image.thumb.png.6096476a22f69adbd41665b754853e30.pngIn addition to this final phase, the Gang Leader will be caught and will have to order his men to surrender. He'll probably call for the surrender right when the clones are apporaching the spawn point, which will then be where everyone is screaming "WE SURRENDER!!" Everyone that's died will be sent back to play as clone but anyone that survives will be taken by RC to some random place on the map.

Jedi Event Character Execution:
The Jedi will also be slightly breifed by the highest one on (whoever that may be). They will be notified that there is a disturbance in the force within the undergrounds of this city. So, they will be following the clones towards until the strip club UNTIL, they notice a dark individual standing near the entrance to the CHEM factory.

A Jedi will possibly report it in before approaching the individual. However, this individual will retreat back into the Chem Factory's top floor, where he will meet with another individual. The Sith Apprentice. The Sith Apprentice will be sent into combat by the Sith Lord. Sith Apprentice will get beat however he has two options. 1) He can surrender and join the Jedi instead and help them take down the Sith Lord. Or 2) He can die fighting. This bit is completely up to the EC playing as the Apprentice.

Whatever choice he makes, the Sith Lord will strike after the decision is made and he will NOT surrender. He will continue to fight out of pure rage until he dies. And that's that.

Passive Event Character Execution:
As said before, the Gang Member's Messenger/slave will start off by waiting outside the briefing area. When the briefing starts, around 10 seconds in, he'll run in and ask for the Clones to follow him. He'll take them to strip club where he'll just be bullied by the gang members, then when everyone is ordered to leave, he stands by the entrance. As soon as the shooting begins, he runs off behind the clones and asks them to protect him. Then he pretty much just stays with the clones the majority of the event (and maybe someone could issue him a weapon?) but yes. At the end of the event, during the de-brief, he goes to the front to thank the clones for being amazing and the best or, something.

Clones will be going to Nar Shaddaa because of some reports of the Black Sun Gang operating in the undercity. They go over there. In the briefing over there they are interrupted by the Black Sun's Messenger. He asks them to follow him because the leader of the Black Sun wishes to talk peacefully to the Republic and begs them to come. They go to strip club. The Leader offers to negotiate in the back room. They offer a bunch of credits to the Republic so that they could leave this city in peace. Battalion member says no. Leader says "Cool. No worries. I'll show you the door and we'll make our way out of the city." Battalion member orders everyone else out the strip club. Once the last clone is out, the Leader gives the order to open fire and it all kicks off from there.

At the end, he surrenders along with the remaining gang members that are alive. RC take them to a secret place. They call 74th's Researchers (not the hierarchy, just the researchers) to the place to give them a truth serum so that they talk. The leader then admits that the messenger that the Republic has saved is more than just a low class slave for the gang. And then that's it.

For the JEDI, This Sith Apprentice has a bit of a dark backstory where, he was in a small village. He was about 4 at the time and his parents went out to go find some Jedi to train him (because they saw him doing special things and believed that Jedi should train him!). However, they never returned...

The Sith had ended up sensing the raw power within him and took the young boy for himself, convincing him that the Jedi were the true murderers of his parents. Since then he has trained in the ancient ways of the Sith and has vowed justice upon his parents's names. As a result, the Sith Lord has brought up the Apprentice and sends him to attack the Jedi first.

Now the Apprentice WILL end up being beaten by the Jedi (that part is certain). However, the next is completely dependant on the EC playing the Sith Apprentice. HE CAN EITHER, surrender to the Jedi and help them take down what he once considered a Master (The Sith Lord[to which the Sith Lord is going to try and kill him for]) OR, he can just go all guns blasing after the Jedi offers him to surrender and die in battle. Either way, the Sith Lord will then jump in, fight the Jedi and die either way. A very brutal ending to a very sad life for that Apprentice. And that's about it!

Event Information:

Have you ever Done an Event Before?:
No. But I have suggested one or two events in the past. Both were accepted and both worked splendidly well!

What was your event and was it successfully executed?:

Do you understand the responseabilties a event-planner has? If so, what are they?:
Yes I do. I believe the responsibilities of Event Planner are to form and develop events that are enjoyable to both the Event Characters that are taking part, as well as the Clones and Jedi playing the event. Considering as the events are pretty much made for the entire purpose of "having fun," it is imperative that both sides of the party are having entertainment during the majority of the event.

An event Planner must ensure that, although their main purpose is to cause enjoyment amongst the community, it is also to abide by certain rules. Common rules include never to use their power to their own liking. For example, power abusing, using their powers to escape combat, breaking IC rules with their staff powers, etc. It is also to remain very mature. When being an Event Planner, one will be meeting a lot of different types of people. Different types of ECs that will play. Therefore, an Event Planner must remain cool and collected as well as mature when it comes to making decisions and communicating with their ECs.

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?:
I do, yes.

Anything else?:
W-G E-Planner.
Thank you very much from taking the time to read this.
And I understand that most of you will remember me from my childish times on the staff team for this server. I hope that anyone reading this understands, I have changed since then. I am not as immature nor as irresponsible with staff powers as I was back then. And, I sincerely hope the ones reading understand that. Thank you.


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Really active 

Extremely detailed event that looks fun to play with a good story

Has "experienec" with ULX commands. Also spells Briefing as "Breifing"

Very competent guy who would definitely be able to execute events like this well and regularly

Good lore knowledge and understanding of the setting as a whole

Great and approachable guy, is well known within the server

Has experience with in both clone and Jedi

Is dedicated to the server with him putting a lot of time and effort into managing GM and keeping it afloat

The main reason i see people being opposed to Hash's app and the main negative for him getting EP is going to be due to his history as a staff member where he abused his staff powers to mess around. I've been stuck around Hash for a while since then and i can safely say that he has improved greatly. He is clearly capable of handling responsibility well and doing an exceptional job at it, as proven by his efforts as GM Commander over the past months and i'd definitely agree he has changed with a clear lesson learned. From a completely unbiased perspective, i genuienely do think Hash would be a great pick for EP right now and do think he deserves a chance since his last time with ULX powers which happened almost a year ago now. I don't think it is fair to entirely judge his ability as an EP on something he did over 8 months ago.

Good luck

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Lovely Event Plan, My eyes hurt reading it

Been Staff. So knows ULX

Did get Demoted from Staff due to Staff Abuse

Overall Nice plan and Alot of Detail

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High Rank
Is here for a long time
Has staffing experience (Even though it was not the best lol)
Has improved from his past

Tends to spawn in a yoda chair on GM CMDR Job

He kinda sucks in Overwatch btw.

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You have a solid application, and I like you as a bloke, however your past still dwells on you a bit, 2 demotions, 1 from staff and another from High Command. I think your a great applicant so good luck.

former ct 2245 bong

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Very dedicated person, has been GM Commander for literally ages. The event plan is detailed and well constructed, don't see any problem in it. I just hope that you're previous misfortunes in staff don't affect you're application for Event Planner to an considerable amount, and that you have learned from it, which I think you have. I've know you for ages and I can genuinely say that you're a nice and friendly person. I think you would make an great Event Planner. Good luck!

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People are gonna say shit like you got demoted twice or whatever, but how are you meant to show that you’ve grown if you haven’t been given a chance. I think enough time has passed for Hash to be trusted again with a ULX role. Moving on, I think your event plan is great. Very detailed and immersive. High IC role and great guy IMO, good luck and I hope you get in! 

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All stated above

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Alright, the application itself is really detailed and well explained, I can see that you put a lot of effort in and I like the idea. What people might discuss about even more is  your staff history, which isn't as great. However, I do believe in second chances and improvements and I do think you've learnt from your previous mistakes. You've shown great effort and commitment towards the server and GM. +1



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Detailed and good app

High playtime

ULX knowledge

Has been demoted from SCO and Staff which is a pretty big downside

I have never talked to you so i don't really know how you are as a person

Good luck!

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Unfortunately you have not been picked for Event Planner this time round. Feel free to reapply net time apps are open.

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