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What your suggestion is.

Add a Mandalorian job which can be hired by factions within events. The Mandalorians would remain neutral at all times unless they are paid by a faction to assist them, due to the way Mandalorians value their honour they would have to remain tied to that contract until they have completed it and are not allowed to backstab the faction that has hired them (this would prevent any messups in events). The equipment that they would have could be Grapple Hook, Westars and possibly RTC or some other rifle, or they could be given weapons which they could purchase via the F4 menu at a high price so that the money they earn has some value. The Mandalorians would also have no clearance level as they are not formally affiliated with the Republic in any way.

Contracts could be between 50-100k as to not mess with the economy of the server too highly, the job would have possibly a maximum of 3 slots so that there are not too many but to also make sure that they are effective when hired. The Mandalorians are all on the same side so they would not be allowed to fight each other or go on opposing sides when hired.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: Models could be made by Shadow.

Any additional information: The Job would be under the plat vip section and have to be paid for similar to RRM or with ingame credits.

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Its a good idea to have bounty hunters to help out in events and just in RP generally but the server really doesn't require it as the current regiments in the server are effective enough and if they were implemented they would just end up being forgotten about. Also mentioned before if bounty hunters were needed EP would just get someone to be a mandalorian EC.

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It sounds like a good idea to me personally but i feel like this would just turn into the equivalent of a hitman job.

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On 3/6/2021 at 10:29 PM, Adkb said:

Scriptfodder/workshop link: Models could be made by Shadow.

Shadow is very busy with IRL stuff as well as other models and this isn't really a priority. Jack can make them if he wishes or we can recycle another model.


On 3/6/2021 at 10:29 PM, Adkb said:

The Job would be under the plat vip section and have to be paid for similar to RRM or with ingame credits.

I would just say make RRM this job so you can be RRM if you want as well as take some bounties.

There would also have to be a few new rules in place to ensure there is no RDM (E.g only engage when shot at, only damage your bounty, etc.)

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Not really something that we would want on the server, as others have said in the replies if ep needs BH's then he would just get EC's.


Thank you for your suggestion

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