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Name: Not willing to disclose on the forums, call me Gordon.


What country are you from?: America | EST


How well do you speak and understand English?: Born and Raised in America.  Additionally, can also speak Russian.


SteamID: STEAM_014557595


In-Game name(s): Gordon Black


Age: 16


Play Time. Must be atleast 3 days. No exceptions (SCP-RP): 7 weeks+ (Give or take a day)


Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?: Plat VIP


Do you have a microphone?: Yes | Although I’ll use typing more as it’s can be traced back by logs which always a pro.


Do you have TeamSpeak (Required )?: Yes (This question should be removed.)


Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum): I am reliable, an honest staff member, and most importantly, trustworthy. I was an active staff member that was constantly on the server, if not the most active, you can even scroll back in staff announcements and see Rex saying “@here Could someone hop on and help Gordon?” I’m highly experienced, dealing with over 3000 sits, I’ve dealt with your basic ones but also with exploits, complicated situations and even server crashers (I was the one that banned Knuji friend trying to crash the server) meaning I won’t need a mentor but I can get right to work. I understand aswell how to work with and teach the player base to insure not only will the correct people get punishments but also for said people to understand and learn, as punishing is half of the job in my book. On top of that I’m highly knowledgeable with the server and SCP Lore as I’ve played nearly all of whitelist jobs and read the wiki extensively so I can provide clear answers and assistance to new players. But additionally I also know a good deal of OOC info such as how Blogs/event logs work, all of the server rules (Including the SCP rules) and I was even a mentor to several staff members (Achor Legious, Jake Lee, Vetro Hunter, just to name a few,) meaning that I won’t have any trouble starting and fitting in as a Tmod. But also, I’m a chill guy and have a open mindset and can relate to the player base so that I can insure peace but also keep the players happy, and I know when a player should be fully banned or given a lessen punishment, while attempting to follow the ruleset punishment guidelines as closely as possible. Not to mention, I’m an active member within the community being on the forums and discord constantly, so I’m always up-to date. Finally, during my 6-month period of begin a staff member I kept a relatively clean record and have never abused to assist myself, even during the mass abuse during V5 I remained clean. I’m not the best staff member to have ever graced SCP-RP but like I’ve said before, I’m reliable.


How long will you be able to play per day?: Around 3-4 hours on the weekdays, and 6+ weekends. Just depends on my schedule and if I have the time to play.


Any past experience as staff?: Previously was a staff member for six months from V5-V6 and achieved the Rank of Senior Admin with a claim count of 3000 sits.  


Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.): I have 8 warns, some of them are for RDM/ARDM although not only are all of them a year old, but additionally they weren’t an issue before when I applied for staff originally. If you would like a photo of my Warns just ask.

(Note: That is not to say that I haven’t received additional warns in recent times, but they’ve been removed by Hierarchy as they were invalid.)


Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No: Yes, I also know how Blogs/Event logs work.


Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions): Obviously yes. SCP-RP is a game mode that takes SCP Lore and attempts to re-create/re-enact it to be playable by players. SCP Lore basically is a world that has anomalies, things that shouldn’t exist, but just do, with multiple groups focusing on capturing, eliminating, selling, using, or whatever with these anomalies (Depending on their agendas). The Foundation is usually the main focus of the whole SCP lore with multiple Groups against or working for it, these are called “Groups of interest” or for short, GOI’s. Some are good, many are bad, it just depends on how you look at it and from who’s perspective, its a mixed bag. Each GOI has different agendas, The Foundation Secures, Contains, and Protects anomalies from the public, some other groups like for instance The Global Occult Coalition or  “GOC” eliminate these anomalies while a group such as The Serpents Hand will protect these anomalies and attempt to spread their knowledge, it’s an interesting universe with different groups pinned at each other with different goals and often a deadly game. The lore is of-course more expansive and it’s just the tip of the ice berg but this should give you a general idea of what SCP-RP is.


Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP (1 word is not an answer): Yes, I’ve not only read the V5 and V6 ruleset but also I’ve read the SCP rules/breaching rules and the rules for all of Whitelist jobs.

(Note: I mean the permanent Whitelist groups such as MTF Commanders, HoEA/O5, not groups such as Atlas and UIU as I have no clue where to access their ruleset and those groups come and go so quickly.)


 I understand that application falls sort by around 70 words, but I’m not going to fill it up with useless ULX Commands or useless SCP-RP info that everyone else already heard. In addition, this isn’t a shit post, yes I did upload my app at the same time with about three other people, but I was already planning to make another staff app and so this just gave me a deadline. Anyways, that’s about it, thanks for reading.




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6 minutes ago, Fayne™ said:


Some discords are either private for members only or the rules are locked away from guests, but I haven't tried on all of the discord servers so I'll be sure to use your Tip. Thanks!

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2 minutes ago, Norra said:

gordon instead of liking everyones comment, you should only like mine 

You're not getting double likes by posting twice, I only like people comments so they know I've read it. Get to the back of the bus.



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Unlike Some bootlickers here that just say “uuuh for obvious reasons” il  give actual reasons.


after a conversation im confident that he honestly wants to help

has the experience most lack

Better then most staff atm

improved behavior


short note still think he should be monitored due to former actions but in general a good guy

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Given the quality of the app and the community feedback you've recieved. SMT is giving you a chance with staff. Contact our Staff Manager "Maurice D Biggs#3104" over Discord to begin your TMod period.


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