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Your In-game name: Gerart Fritz

Your Steam ID:


Reason of the ban:   I do not know

Date you were banned on: 6.20.19 PM MAR 12

Duration of ban: 1 Day

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): I do not know


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail:The player wrote to me that for some jumping on the vehicle. 
I had not seen before in the chat that someone would pay attention to me because of this. 
By jet used to listening to voice commands given by commanders. 
I had lags on the vehicle and I could not take any action, let alone write back or read the chat. 
If I was banned for writing @admin, I am very sorry, it was caused by an earlier lag. 
I hope that my application will be processed quickly because I am waiting with looking forward to getting back into the game.

Do you think your ban was justified: I am not entirely convinced that the ban was justified.

Why should you be unbanned: I am a new player and I have only over a day lost on the server. I liked this server very much and I can't wait for one day to be unbanned. I was going to take part in an event with my friend that could be held today.


Any kind of evidence: -

Additional information: -

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I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since you're a new player. Take a moment to read our server rules before joining back, we might not be so kind the next time.

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