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Server you got banned from: SCP-RP

My In-Game name: Mike Kazuma


Admins' name that banned you: Mile Kevas

Admin's steamID: STEAM_0:1:31814162

What is the reason for your ban: MassRDM - Killed multiple D-class with the Knife, being a D-class himself

How long were you banned for: (Permaban)

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Because i honestly didn't know this was not allowed as i have seen people killing each other in D block, when i told the admin that i didn't know, it seems the situation got escalated because he said as a platinium vip and lvl 50 you should know as u can see i only got my vip before yesterday and i have reached lvl 50 in about 4 days in this server with manufacturing job so really i am someone who is not very old in this server. People who RPed with me and know me in this short time will tell you that i am very serious in my RP.
For the situation i honestly thought it was okay as the class D block was very empty no scientist on server, they just left us deserted i know this is not an excuse to RDM but i didn't know as class D this wasn't allowed and i truly regret it, i just wanted to explain to you the exact situation which lead me to do this. And i promise you this mistake won't happen again. whichever outcome you guys decide i am willing to take but i would really love to continue playing in this server, its such a shame this could have been avoided with better communication from the staff member but he just permabanned me the moment i said i didn't know. However, that i have said that i know i deserve this ban because of my lack of knowledge but i don't think perma is a fair punishement as i have not gone inside the class D block as an MTF or guard and mass RDMed it was with just a knife as class D RPing that i am a little bit crazy one hopefully some guards will come to the empty D block and it was for the sake of RP but i didn't know and as i said am willing to accept any outcome you guys decide. -Mike KzD

Anything else?: I don't think any of the class D i killed were upset its just the admin saw my kills on scoreboard (6 kills) and did an admin sit with me. and to verify if i am new you guys can check my playtime and you will see that i have only started recently playing to check that i really didn't know it wasn't allowed to RP as a crazy Class D mass murderer. I believe the admin should not have approached this from the point that i am a PLATINIUM VIP I SHOULD KNOW BETTER, it seems very personal and the fact i just got my platinium vip just before yesterday shows i want to support this server its sad that the situation got this escalated.

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Prehaps you should of read the rules before randomly killing D class mhmm?

This seems more of a please it wasnt me it was my brother situation to me


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I have read the rules, mass rdm is obvious when it comes to other jobs but i missunderstood it for the class D personnel job (class D is allowed to RDM other jobs (scientist, guards) but i didn't know i can't do it for the same job which is killing class d personnels too) that is my mistake and i am willing to take any outcome the staff decides. I just explained the situation if its decided to stay perma i have no problems with you guys or the server but it will just be a shame to leave the server this early (without a second chance as i have 0 warns) and i mean even this gamemod (SCP-RP) because i have only discovered it recently.

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Mass RDM, is Mass RDM. The rule defining Class D's ability to kill anyone within the facility, does not include other Class D's. Class D's are NOT considered Foundation personnel. It's common sense, and has been reiterated before.

However, since you are new & after a conversation with SMT, you'll be given a week's ban instead.

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