Josef Kraz

Josef Kraz unwarn request

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Your In-game name: Josef Kraz / Wolfgang Hass

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:149253215


Reason of the warning: [WARN][FAILRP] Putting mingy messages in stolen Comms [TierI]

Date you were warned on: 14/03/2021

Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Herman Stellman


Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail:

I was roleplaying as German Resistance  leader with stolen comms (SS , Reich and ORPO comms) AS German Resistance I was interrupting the SS but putting false information and publicly humiliating the SS using the stolen comms. Multiple examples are :  [Platinum VIP] [RADIO][Reich] Wolfgang Hass: Gruppenfuhrer Stellman has the smallest dickus of all the land ,[PlatinumVIP] [RADIO][Reich] Wolfgang Hass: The RSHA are exacuting citizenns of Berlin,  [Platinum VIP] [RADIO][Reich] Wolfgang Hass: Scharfuhrer Weber is a confirmed homosexual. Also giving false information for patrols such as "A01 Patrol responding to MOI raid" whilst a raid is not going on.  I was doing this the entire day. 

Do you think your warning was justified: NO

Why should you be unwarned:

I believe I should be unwarned because , I was constantly doing these comms interupttion for the most of the afternoon and no staff member had told me to stop. The only reason I believe I was warned was because I had said "[Platinum VIP] [RADIO][Reich] Wolfgang Hass: Gruppenfuhrer Stellman has the smallest dickus of all the land " and it was Stellman who warned me. So I think it is more of a personal thing than a server rule break. Whilst these messgaes are mingy I did nothing that was fail RP as my goal was to spread false information throughout the entire SS and Reich. Everything was done by the rules. 

Any kind of evidence:  N/A

Additional information: I was threated to have my CO position removed from Herman Stellman if I continue. (



                                       Current Ranks 
                     Leader of the Anti-Jannie Ali Discord Qosar Network

                     Head Inquisitor des Church of Strength & Anti-LARP

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