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Simon Kowalski unban request

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Server you got banned from: SCP server

Your name in-game: Simon Kowalski

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:238139278

Admins' name that banned you:  doesn't specify

Admin's steamID:

Why did you get banned?:  Mass RDM


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:

Hi, I know this is inappropriate of me to make another unban request as I blew my second chance away. The first time I was banned I understood I was acting like a complete monkey, the second time was no excuse either. However I didn't know what else I could do in that situation at that time. (banned for mass RDM in d-block airlock as I was body blocked by them and should've given them more time to move back). After I got banned I realised I was in the wrong, and really didn't think about others who play on the server. I thought I didn't deserve to have a place in the Werwolf community, or even get another chance.

As months went by my friend who plays on the server told me that someone broke the server (banned players have been unbanned). I thought of this as an extra opportunity to prove my self and see if I could behave myself, I played on the server for a whole week without getting warned and even gained an nu-7 whitelist. I realised that giving the same respect back does a lot, and it changed me as a person on the server, I was glad I got another chance to play on the server.  

However after they banned everyone again, I do admit to trying to bypass with alt accounts. I just really wanted to play on the server again and at the time I didn't realise it was a bad move to make, I really shouldn't have done it. It truly is a good server with a good community in it and I would like to be part of it again. But I understand if no one wants me to be back on the server because of my previous actions of utter stupidity. 

Anything else?: 

At the time when the banned player list thing was broken, I was playing with my friend (Boris Thaumiel). you could ask him if I was following the rules or not. But this probably doesn't prove anything.


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This looks like genuine remorse for breaking rules, but the fact that you tried to bypass the ban is pretty serious... Just because of that I am in between Neutral and +1...
As stated by you, during that 1 week while you played with your friend, your name did not show up for any sits, and I think I saw you in Nu-7, so you might be right that you changed.

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On 3/19/2021 at 1:04 AM, cheeky ginger geeza said:

I do admit to trying to bypass with alt accounts

Yeah man this never ends well , alt accounts are a big no no .

I do think you deserve the unban but I don't see it happening , good luck. 

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There's a saying that goes, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. You have indeed blown your second chance, there's no thirds. As "honest" and "apologetic" as you're trying to make this out, I don't buy it.

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