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Cool map electric boogaloo 2

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What your suggestion is: New base maps / event maps

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Any additional information:

Research Facility 9: This map would make a pretty decent even map  / Base map due to the size of it.

Felucia: This would make a pretty sick base map. NO CAP. It looks cleannnnnn, and has everything you would need. This the main map i would want to have out of anything. This map from what i can see works extremely well and has good performance also has a low file size. This map is still also being worked on meaning their will more updates and cool shit added

RishiMoon Winter: I know we had different rishi suggested but this look like a lot cleaner map and would offer a different late night rishi then the one we have. From what i can tell the performance of the map is extremely well. It also has no random shitty rooms that are useless and worthless. It has a low file size 


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+1 To Felucia, looks so hot

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Felucia lovely

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All but the Rishi one looks good. I don't think we need another variant of Rishi, especially after how the last one turned out.

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Having Research Facility and Rishi would be cool and good addition to base maps.

but as for Felucia i played it myself, its very small if used for event one of the sides would get spawn camped all the time literally no where to go and would be horrible for base map too due to lack of bunks/map too small and Jedi temple is like 1 room with tight corridor if i remember correctly

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Felucia is a crap map, we've already looked at it. Rishi one is just unnecessary and the research station one is pretty shabbily made, doors broken etc

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