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Lag Spikes are a serious problem for the server

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We all know lag is the biggest enemy of gaming as we know. I have been playing NRP for about 1 year and some months and out of nowhere this appears - Lag spikes
Basicaly lag spikes are worse than lag because, they freeze your screen completely and you character continues to walk forward (this also affects cars), and the thing is you cant control your character when a lag spike hits. These lag spikes can cost your ig job for example: A lag spike appeared when I was driving as 1.SS and it made me crash into the MB Gate, made me run into enemy fire like I was a zombie and wanted to bite them.

Even tho this hasnt been reported that much, some players have to deal with this every god damm day.

I spoke with Harland about this already, I tried everything from updating my drivers, making more space on my hard drive , lowering down graphics , cheking my internet and more. 

The lag spikes can appear randomly, but I have encountered them in these places: Walking towards boathouse from the church, the courthouse primary door, entering Berlin from the Agen residence, the dam from 1 side mostly the one when you get on the dam, this happens mostly when opening doors.
Few players have this problem, and Im one of them and its annoying as hell


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Simple explanation is the map, the map is unoptimized, and a new version is coming out soon.

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The issue you describe as you listed at the bottom of your OP affects a small subset of players. Why I am not sure, but as it does not impact all user isn't entirely fair to claim it as a entirely server-side issue. I think I've come across about 4 people in total with this issue over a 9 month period.

I cant' replicate this issue, but the new map does have improvements. The lag spikes appear when you move from area portal to another in the map (so is the best I can make our from the very very few people I've been able to find with this issue), this could be a classic issue of a clients PC being overloaded or client buffer. However, as it doesn't impact all users (very few) its hard to say anything for certain.

The new map does make better use of optimisations, but its still gmod a 2006 game being forced to run on 2020 hardware under a really single threaded envioment, it is hardly a surprise these issues occur. Less surprising there are no magical fixes for them.

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