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What your suggestion is: Add the skybox editor tool (not sure if it's already a thing on the server)

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Any additional information: This addon is really great. You can change the skybox which could be used in events and it looks sick overall. Small addon size so you don't have to worry about the size.
this addon can change the skybox. it can make it night time, day time, fog, dawn, moon, etc. this could also be great for events,passiveRPs, or just changing the map's skybox in general to look better

of course there are more but i just wanted to show some of them.

how it works: you basically press E on the object which could be found in the entitiy in Q menu and then choose the skybox you want

here are some images of what it does:



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I tried it out in SP and it's really cool. Could be useful for EPs to use during events especially if they want it to be night for a certain event. It also has a very small file size.

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The Server needs a New Sky and Addon for Fog/Smoke and Shit

This would be Lovely to used and Allows pilot to have a Diffrent View everytime they change MAP/Fly

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+1 I see eps using this for some interesting events

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If the filesize is not big and it doesn't affect the FPS I see this as a really good addon for EPs. 

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Having it work in single player doesn't mean it will work without problems or causing lag on the server.

However if it works it would be nice to have.

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If it works without causing lag then it'd be good.





Credit to Loki for this.



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Looks really cool, would give events a little more atmosphere! 

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Effect on single player is very different to the effect on performance on multiplayer, new anaxes has a better looking skybox anyway.

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