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Jay Greggs UIU application

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RP name: Jay Gregg

Steam name: Jay G 


Playtime:4D 3H 56M

Warnings and how you got them:0 warnings

What is UIU?:The UIU is a special FBI division devoted to rapid response to paranormal events and crimes. Director j. Edgar Hoover was one of the founders of this unit which he established during the Cold war to utilize the anomalous and to stop the communists from doing the same. They were supplied many recourses from the government but following the end of the cold war the disbandment of enemy organisations eg. GRU-P. The UIU had been silent and in a state of decline for years nobody heard anything from them. They are perceived as ineffective and useless to some due to their lack of financial recourses and manpower. The foundations influence and power over the US government has stopped/prevented the UIU from dealing with anomalous activities. The UIU has been known to engage with and against many anomalous organisations in the past. They were known to take part in several combat situations during the 1950s and 1960s.Their main battle that they participated in was the black mamba incident in 1976 between the UIU and  GRU-P. However in todays world they are deployed overseas to oversee the autonomous anomalous state of Three Portlands. Their usual loadout is an AR-15 lightweight rifle, C71A rifle, Glock 17m pistol, Remington 70 pump shotgun, Desert eagle 50. semi auto pistol, The claw aka battering ram[user can apply 3 tons of impact to open the door inwards] and the Tactical restraint[elastic]/police handcuffs(used to secure an individuals wrists together).

What is Three Portlands?:Three Portland's is an individual city-state and an individual paranormal enclave located within a self contained pocket universe. accessible via ways  located in and around the isle of Portland in the United Kingdom. It's estimated population is 80,000 and is one of the most populous enclaves in North America and one of the biggest locations to be concealed by the veil.

Why do you wish to join UIU?:I want to join the UIU because they seem like generally cool people i have had some great RP experiences with the members of the UIU and i mostly am field agent so I love catching criminals and interrogating them and sending them to jail or wherever i also like the fact that you get to be a police force but have ties to the foundation too so it's like your a field agent and a cop at the same time which sounds really interesting I like the sound of the loadout to ranging from assault rifles to pistols to shotguns it's endless and this job sounded like the right job for me 

What makes UIU different from groups like GOC, GRU-P, etc?:UIU is different to GRU-P and such because UIU are a  group which originate from America which specialise in dealing with anomalies and criminals and they also prevent the anomalies from getting into the wrong hands however GRU-P has a Russian/communist originality and was disbanded after the Cold war anyway that's the end of my application hope you liked it I will be glad to see myself as a UIU agent in the future.

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