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In game name: 327th SGTM Victor

Steam id: STEAM_0:0:84944040

Steam id name: hummer1404

Staff who warned you: ollie

Reason for the warn: spamming command

Detail on what happend: Basically i was a scav inside MB with another person in my regiment, we went inside the MB with a disguise and were trying to get inside the MH but there was a CG checkpoint with 3 CGs and 1 battalion if i am correct, we didn't have any CL so we decided to flank from the Battalion bunks and try to steal one, i managed to steal CL1 from a CT as i was disguies as a ET, i then went to the checkpoint and showed id, everything is clear so far, then i was told by the other scav to return to MH, this is where is begins, i apparnlty got someone into a glitch because i showed id twice, it happend basically like this: once i got told to return to MH i went back to the checkpoint, while moving and approaching the CG i pressed Y, up arrow to return to my last sentence i wrote and presses enter, then i came infront of him, he didn't move so i assumed he wanted the ID and didn't want to talk or i was so fast, i showed my id again and he still didn't move, then after about 10 seconds i believe i showed it again perhaps it glitched in the second time, and he didn't see it in the first time because  as i said i was a little far from him so i thought he didn't see my ID,i then thought he was afk,  i then showed my ID to the battalion behind the fence or the checkpoint thing so that he could let mw through, after i got in, an admin was called on me because i made the CG crash, the admin made an admin sit, i explained everything but yet got warned.

I want to say that i never knew about this "glitch"

Necer heard of it and just because i did the command twice in under 4 seconds doesn't mean i spammed it multipul time or is it? I don't know

My intention weren't to crash the CG and i think i shluld have given a virable warning.


I also want to say sorry for causing any trouble to the admin or to the CG, i didn't mean it.

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I don‘t know how showing ID could crash someone, could be a coincidence that he crashed at the same time you walked up to him. Showing ID 3 times in the span of 30-50 seconds isn't “spam“ in my opinion, as it is only shown locally and only to people in close proximity to you.

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I have to agree with Krowly, I did know about the crashing, however I wasn't told about it either. I found about it by accidentally crashing someone. He clearly had no idea what it did and this warn should be removed. About 90% of the server don't know about it so warning someone for doing something that isn't in the rules isn't very cash money.


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Although I can see the reason why Ollie warned you, it does seem that you are telling the truth as it isn't really something that many people are aware of on the server. The only problem that I can see that would come from this situation is if you started using this glitch maliciously. For now though I think the warn has a good chance of being removed.

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Accepted, it is an honest mistake if you didn't know of the commands tendency to be retarded and crash games so it will be removed as a warning is not needed.

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