Regulations for the usage of "camera footage" in RP - Rule suggestion

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Type of suggestion (job/vehicle/etc): Rule


How important is your suggestion on a scale from 1 to 10: 6


Your suggestion: Creating a rule that you can't "secretly record" a person without any camera being visible.


Reasons for this suggestion: The way recorded footage in RP is handled is unfriendly towards the serious RP theme the server is portraying. People can record with an invisible GoPro and use the footage to prove something in-character without there being a camera visible to any other parties. This way of collecting evidence never leads to a situation where a person is spotted recording one another and then starting a dispute over it, which is an opportunity missed. I suggest that to record someone there should be a camera built by props, and the person recording stands behind this, or a person is given the camera SWEP, and he may use PAC3 to modify the camera to look more realistic to the time period, but again it should be optional to modify the camera. I believe the film quality shouldn't be altered, and it should be optional if the footage is to be black and white.


Any relevant links: https://imgur.com/a/6XNNFw4 There are some pictures of German cameras used in the fields for an example, if people for example want to create a camera SWEP that looks similar to the ones in the Imgur album.


Additional Information: I don't think any former footage about a person committing crimes should be nullified, but this should only be for future references.

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Recordings and they were they are handled in this community are just fine the way they are. The majority of the times they are used to resolve problems in Staff sits, and when they are used in character, there is very often a serious reason for it. Gestapo and SD rely extensively on being to able to record their game footage in order to be effective in their jobs.

This recommendation shows a lack of understanding of how players in the server work. Without any effective way of secretly recording to back up your claims as a Gestapo agent, you can be accused of meta-gaming after everything you do as part of your job. As always, the people who play solely Resistance for most if not all their time on the server call for help from the Staff Team the moment they are caught because they have literally no ambition or prospects for growth on the server, and they seethe whenever they are proven to be completely inadequate, even at being total tumours for the rest of the community.

Players that complain about lack of proof, or said proof being invalid, have always been and will always be immature. The reality is that recordings are necessary and useful in both IC and OOC situations, whether it be to prove you are not rule breaking, or to make SS investigations legitimate by presenting proof that is irrefutable. The truth of the matter is that a prop camera or anything that is visible to others makes the system useless.

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