Unban appeal

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Your In-game name: Henry Schulz

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:522861426


Reason of the ban: Server advertisment 

Date you were banned on: Cannot remember the exact date.

Duration of ban: permanent

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Not sure


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: Hello, my main forum account was banned and hence made a new one to post an appeal, Had server advertised as a joke in the game and gave a fake IP which was not linked to ANY server, however it was my fault and was banned for that, when submitting an appeal on the forums advertised another server and disrespected the server again in the appeal, however the IP was again fake and not linked to any server, had randomly typed numbers and made it myself.

Do you think your ban was justified: Yes

Why should you be unbanned:


Due to being frustrated after the appeal was denied, had let my emotions get the best of me and made these mistakes, should have been more grounded, patient and had a calm and relaxed attitude, whatever I had said was my emotions getting the best of me and me being unable to control them, however i've learned now and realised that having control over your emotions is important because if you dont then other people can have control over you, there is no excuse for my actions, however humans make mistakes and learn from them, a permanent ban is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, humans are susceptible to change and can improve their actions, if you give me this opportunity you will not be dissapointed, I'd appreciate this.

Coming back after approximately 1 and a half to two months, i've realised that it was entirely my fault and hold myself accountable for my actions, however now ive changed my ways, more grounded and calm in any given situation, will move forward with a positive attitude and you will observe and notice this change, requesting to give me this chance to show you that i have changed and improved, the time i spend in the server is enjoyable for me and being a dedicated player whose been playing here for years almost since the beginning  (early 2017), would request you to reconsider this permanent ban and give me this chance to show you that I have changed, will not let my emotions get the best of me again, 

Requesting to make this permanent ban a temporary one or unban me, 

Thank you.


Any kind of evidence: N/A

Additional information:N/A



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I think I saw your previous unban request that got denied on the old forums and I agree with the perma ban so -1 from me.

The reason I agree with it is because it clearly states in the rules that promotion of other servers = Perma Ban  so if you read the rules you had knowledge of what you were doing if you didnt read the rules then thats your fault. Also as you said you were angry and honestly if you are gonna get angry and lash out this may not be the best server for you.

wish you the best.

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Ban was valid, unban request was denied, unban request still denied. 

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