Unban Request for Werewolf SCP

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My steam game: |iʜq ɿb

my steam id: STEAM_0:0:0

reason for getting banned: Killed a person accidentally

I was just playing in SCP RP with some friends and I accidentally killed some person, I believe that I needed to be banned for maybe a week but they permanentally banned me instead 

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There isn't enough information about the situation, for anything to be said about a appeal, if you accidentally killed someone and you had no intention of doing it, then it should not be a perma ban. But i dont think a staff member would perma ban you for RDM


Current Ranks:

[NRP] Kompanie "Caesar" Leutnant

[NRP] Gaustabsamt STV. Hauptamtsleiter 

[NRP] Moderator + Deputy Discord Staff Manager

[NRPWehrmacht Generalstab Hauptmann ( Chef d. Heeresverwaltung )

[IRL] Grass Toucher


old ranks;

who cares




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35 minutes ago, said:

steam id:

the reason why i got banned:i dont know why i got banned 

the way i found that i got banned:so i was just playing some gmod and i wanted to play some scp rp and wen i joined scp rp it said that i got permanentally banned and i didnt know why i got banned

this someone elses unban request you have to make your own.


Very SERious roleplayer who does very serious roleplay

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