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Your In-game name: Albert Maierharrir

Your Steam  ID:STEAM_0:1:195421301


Reason of the warning: FearRP [tier1] Not following orders under gunpoint

Date you were warned on: 21 may 

Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Daniel Barberi 

Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail:

I was working as SS-TV at the farm. Orpo asks me if I want to pickup a prisoner at the PD, so I get in my car and drive to the PD. Inside I get greated by a very angry gestapo member that asks why I am there and who gave me permission. I try to tell him that I want to get a prisoner and OrPo told me it was ok. When I walk to grab a prisoner from the wall the gestapo member gp me and shouts at me. When I try to reason and talk with him he deosn't want to comply. I also had a hard time hearing what he said since there was about 7 prisoners in the room (they are either jaile or in the gestapo room in the video).

Barberi then randomly picks me up, freezes me in a corner and checks my warns. I understand that he thinks i did something wrong so I ask him to bring me to a sit where he can discuss it further but he doesn't answer. (When Barberi did !warns I was talking but for some reason you can't hear it in the video). 

Also the reason I walked over to the prisoners when the gestapo gunpointed me was becuase I wanted to show them that the guy is innocent (I brought him to fetch the prisoner, he just wanted to make cabage at the farm). I don't know why but you can't hear my voice in the recording. You can see that I am talking because the sound thing is spinning at the right of the screen. I think I got some setting in nvidia that doesn't let me record my own voice. 

Why should you be unwarned: When I got gunpointed I walked over to the guy while saying that he is innocent in the mic and I showed who it was by walking over to him since I didn't know any other way (I didn't know his name and using the physgun is failRP)

Any kind of evidence:

Additional information: The in-game sound was lower for me then it is in the video. 

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You were GP'd several times by Gestapo and they told you to leave the prisioners you were trying to take without permission and you were also ordered to leave the PD and even Berlin several times, you kept on moving around the prision and took the prisioners one more time and tried to run away with them. I told you to stop and even asked you if you were deaf because you were not following orders and you replied with a "Yes I'm deaf" so I warned you.

Edited by Daniel Barberi


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With a valid reason given by Koauts, and the warning admin responding with his side of the situation, both provide valid points to confirm that Barberi's decision making was correct, and that the warn was too. 

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