Cuffs for RM

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What your suggestion is: I think Renowned Mercs should be equipped with elastic restraints as it makes sense for Mercs to come with some sort of restrainments 

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: An easy Implementation and I think it makes a lot of sense 

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Just give ones that taker longer to use, would prevent mass cuffing abuse.

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no, will be abused

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I very much doubt it will be abused like all of you are saying. Its a paid WL basically making it the same as the pirate and cartel jobs that have cuffs so if it can be abused why do those jobs have cuffs 

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Not really something that is needed, would prefer to limit the amount of jobs with cuffs. RM shouldn't really be kidnapping anyone and stuff of that sort they are more combat focused.

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