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Werwolf Gaming Forum Rules

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Werwolf Gaming Forum Rules

General Community Conduct Rules:

  • Account creation on Werwolf Gaming Forum must be relevant to the Community in some way. Unless it is an off topic area. No advertisement of other communities, products/services, unless within context is permitted.
  • Users must have non-offensive usernames. User must have SFW avatars. Offensive can also be classed as Anti-Community/Drama.
  • Users may not own Alt accounts actively. Alt accounts to boost, support, disapprove, harass or bypass bans will result in a heavier punishment, usually equal to a permanent or month long ban. VPN/Proxy are allowed on our site, however we can still detect alt account links outside of IP history.
  • Your interactions in DM’s (within the enjin msg system) when deemed as spam/advertisement or hateful can lead to bans on our website. Please be respectful on the website.
  • These rules all apply to the chat box system on our site
  • Impersonation of staff or another user is strictly prohibited. Satire or not, we do not allow this.
  • Posting on other user accounts walls are subject to the same rules as this listing.
  • Users must not do any of the following the following actions in any part of the website;
  • Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Extremism is not allowed of any kind (Except in context of RP History). Keep your Religion off my website, it is not to be targeted, or pushed on us equally. Ideological/political discussion is permitted in relevant threads, including extremism in relevant discussion.
  • Doxing is strictly not allowed, if you post a image/Information of somebody without their permission you are liable for a Community Ban.
  • Meme “threads” regarding Community activities are allowed, however they must not breach the rules above.

General Community Posting Rules:

  • Please post in the appropriate section. Each section is listed with where things should be. Posting in the wrong area we will move your thread or delete it.
  • Do not repost threads which already exist (alive), that have been locked by staff, that has been deleted by staff, that were denied by staff (until you have passed the cool down period, if one exists.)
  • When applying for any type of application based request. Fill out the template as required, failing to follow the template, the template guidelines or editing those guidelines will result in immediate denial.
  • Do not contact Hierarchy directly for unbans, unless you have been told to do so in the replies in the thread by staff. (Generally in issues with Family Sharing, VPN bans, Chargeback Bans, Special Cases)
  • We do NOT ALLOW leaving threads. This is because the majority of leaving threads are aimed at attention seeking, drama starting, targeting, a ban issued (so not leaving voluntary, your banned), Anti-Community Sentiment. Say goodbye to those you care most personally, not on a website where 100’s will view it with no association to you. Most Garry’s Mod Communities have the spam of leaving threads from denied application users much more wider than other games. If a user has 1 post of a denied application, making a leaving thread is pretty much spam/irrelevant/mis leading at that point. This is why such a repressive rule exists. Thank you.
  • Necroing threads is not allowed. We have a lockout time on threads, but this rule applies to threads which have been resolved months ago, yet you ask a question about an issue resolved, or post something irrelevant. These actions can lead to account bans.
  • Complaining, discussing, or requesting views for your application of ANY kind (unless we request you link it to us in the chatbox ect) is not allowed. Doing these will result in possible denial. This is also warned on the templates so it is not a hidden rule.
  • Breaking any of the rules stated in 1. H,I inside the posting forum will result in equal punishments as listed above. (bans)
  • Editing your thread to remove it is NOT allowed. If you need a thread deleted please contact staff. We will not delete a thread because you were denied as it is our records. If you edit a thread to be deleted (it can be roll backed by us) you may face punishment.
  • The use of accounts to boost yourself, give yourself false support or attack others is strictly forbidden. We will ban or reset your entire likes (including those gained legitmately) as punishment.
    Do not think we cannot see when these activites are taking place, we can see and do take action.
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