Sykes' Unwarn Request

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My In game name: Sykes

STEAMID: ( (Steam ID Finder Cannot Find My Account So Here Is My Steam Link

Steam Name: Sykes

What is the reason for your warn: PAC3 Abuse

Name of the staff member who warn you: Ace Barry

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned: I made and have been developing a PAC3 for SCP-1370 to make it more lore friendly to the actual SCP-1370 on the SCP Wiki. I made small changes so far to SCP-1370 playermodel and appearance. I have resized my playermodel to roughly 1 meter as on the SCP Wiki it states, " It stands approximately one meter in height". I have also edited the playermodels head as to attempt create SCP-1370 as accurately to the image seen in figure 1.

I have done these modifications to make the roleplay of myself and others around me more 'in-tune' to the SCP Universe and I believe that these modifications did not and will not hinder the roleplay of others. Futher to this SCP-1370 is a non-combat job therefore having a smaller playermodel will not affect other players in a negative way.

The image seen in Figure 2 is my attempt at recreating SCP 1370, obviously this isn't the final design of my PAC3 model.

scp-1370.jpgFigure 1

rp_werwolfscp_v60030.pngFigure 2

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There's literally nothing wrong with this PAC3, all it does is contribute to the roleplay and adds a sense of realism. Something which should be  appreciated when you consider majority of 1370's just minge.

Hopefully this warn gets removed because it's just outright absurd to be frankly honest as it was issued due to the "Hitbox" yet 1370 isn't even a combat role,  just shows how TDM orientated the server has become.

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I understand that you were using pac to give a more lore-friendly feel to the SCP, however you should remember server rules still apply. You broke;
(7.3.) Do not resize yourself unless granted permission from a Super Admin.

(7.7.) Changing your head is also counted as changing your model. - Although I cannot see from the pictures if you did actually change your model.

Next time, please do ask for permission to change your height and such for your character before making any changes, this will help prevent you getting warned for reasons like this in the future. If no superadmin/above is on the server then you could always make a ticket on the SCP-RP discord.



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Hello @Bread, does the server stride to make itself more intune with SCP Lore?

If so why haven't the development team or any member of staff googled SCP-1370 and read its file? You can clearly see at the top of the SCP-1370's article that it is approx 1 meter and not the same size as every other player within the server. This could've easily been implemented when SCP-1370 was added to the server.

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