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What your suggestion is: Basically add mini-map layouts, with markings of key areas. for each base map in the Cadet Training Room/Area. This would help new players who are completely new to maps a better understanding of when they're told to get to GR, BB ect. A mini-map is already on Annaxes and that map is over a year old at this point, all it would take is a little time to get a top down view of the map.

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I do agree with this, as most of the times the new CTs can't even figure out how to get to a TR without other people showing them the way, so having a minimap in base maps would really be helpful for new players.

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Wouldn't be that hard, just get big man Lewis Hales to put down a blues decal




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Will begin making maps for the each base map and putting them in the cadet area

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