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SWEP Changes to 106 to make it more interesting.

106 as an SCP on the server is normally overlooked by researchers on the server, due to what you can actually research on the SCP is limited. Now there is the irregular occasion  where 106 may have a proper test but that only goes so far, and most tests actually done on the SCP just consist of throwing class-D's in the CC. Or sometimes, tests just wont happen at all because they will be restricted by administration or E11 because it's a keter and most researchers can't create a valid reason to test.

What do I suggest:
That 106's SWEP has the ability to send props to the pocket dimension alongside, the ability to use the right click of the SWEP to send himself back and forth between reality & his dimension. 

How does this improve anything:
The whole SCP universe is centred around horror, allowing 106 to goto his own dimension to hunt his "prey" improves the thrill experience for class- D's and 106.
The prop ability allows researchers to create more unique testing ideas, and will now be able to use Class-d's to set up cameras, observe 106's behaviour inside the pocket dimension,  etc. 

Something like this may be too hard to code.
May require some form of nerf or something that prevents 106 from constantly being in the pocket dimension like a timer that returns 106.

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