Codered08's unban application

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My In-Game name: Codered08

STEAMID: (STEAM_0:1:84244473)

Steam Name: Codered08

What is the reason for your ban:  I think it is minging it does not say but back then I used to be a big minge

How long were you banned for: Permanently

Name of the staff member who banned you: I do not know I do not remember

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I believe I should be unbanned because back then I was not mature at all, I used to be a total loser but now, I have changed into a better person. And I am truthfully sorry for the actions I taken to be against the server. I apologise to the staff team and the community for my behaviour and I would like to be unbanned so that I can play again. I really messed up by being and idiot and I truly understand why I am banned, but I am ready to change into a friendly guy, I am sorry for everything I have done and making people annoyed. It was stupid of me and I feel completely guilty of doing so. I do not really know what I have done but I say this, I am apologise for my actions.

This is my fault, and the consequences I have been given has taught me a lesson, which is to stop being a toxic guy and to stop being an overall loser to everyone else within the community of the server specified.  I hope the staff team can forgive me and I hope the people who knew me at 2019 can forgive me also, and if you do not remember me then I am being open to you guys by saying I was immature when I started playing this server and that I have changed my behaviour  and I am calm and not toxic I am friendly to people, now I do not have any consideration of breaking the rules to harm the server this is me being honest to you guys I am sorry and I hope you can forgive me I want a second chance.





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