Dr Erwin Krauser again!

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As per usual, a Staff Abuse thread turns into utter shit because everyone demonstrates an utter inability to moderate themselves and stick on topic. Jimbo has developed such a cult "fanbase", they'll bring up his name to get him in trouble even when the thread doesn't concern him (Seriously, get a life, for Christ's sake).

3rd Person Abuse is obvious to anyone with a working brain. Breaking FearRP is very likely obvious to anyone who isn't intentionally dishonest. He didn't even turn around and start blasting on reflex. Took him a solid 2 seconds before he started shooting.

Caught in 4k, third time in the past month.


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This request is denied on the basis of:
- 3rd person abuse: Physically cannot see the ramp from that location, would of seen the guy entering in 3rd person but he didn't so there is no 3rd person abuse

- Gunpointing, Reaction time was less then 1 second, there is a bullet casing at the start of 17 seconds in the video which he starts to gunpoint towards the end of second 16, we cannot hear IG sounds so it was hard to determine if he was shooting or not but the bullet casing determines he was.

This situation was really on the border of fear RP to not fear RP and to take into account ping, fps and overall gmod stuff like bullets not registering we determined in a vote that it is not staff abuse.

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