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Server focused on the SCP Foundation Lore?

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So I get this idea from a few scenarios from the server that were handled before but it didn't got the general idea on the most aspects of the actual lore of the SCP Foundation, such as Security Clearances, Job Positions, and Staff Titles for Site Administration.  Though some people I've seen attempt to be a Lore-Based player from the logic and info given from http://www.scpwiki.com (The actual SCP Foundation database) and rp'd very well in my perspective. But some people backlash at those kinds of RP players on the server because of what they get tolled by admins or skilled-RP veterans on the server for not following by the server's General RP Information elaborated to those Lore-RP players. 

My question is this: Does the server actually focuses on the lore aspects of the SCP Foundation (http://www.scpwiki.com) Based on Background Information about The Foundation, Object Classes, Security & Clearance, and Mobile Task Forces based on this reality stand-point?

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I mean, some of it is custom, some of it is according to lore. Take 682 for example,
Yet the site is directly under a human development

Also you'd see combines invading us  but it's not on SCP wiki of gmod combines invading a random ass site.

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