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What your suggestion is: Add the Ewok Model

Scriptfodder/workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1811368275

Any additional information: Adding this model will allow for potentially more EC's and unique events  or it can be made into a paid job just like the Pirates and Cartel etc.

The different bodygroups on the model can allow for different ranks in the Ewoks if they were to become a paid  job. The ranks could consist of:

  • Ewok Chief (The highest rank which is = Pirate Captain)
  • Ewok Elder (In lore they were the second highest so they can affectively be VC so to speak or something)
  • Ewok Medicine Man (In lore they were the third highest)
  • Ewok Speeder Specialist (Access to speeders, no other Ewok has access to speeders)
  • Ewok  Warrior

The addition of these jobs not only can allow for a more immersive roleplay experience but can allow more freedom for the EP when it comes to making events and map decisions.

It is a win win situation regarding which option is chosen as both have their own benefits.

The addition of just the model: Allows for new unique events to be created and maybe some fun PMEs
The addition of the paid ranks: Allows for more exciting roleplay to take place among players

If these models aren't sufficient enough then maybe one of the two cool new Modelers can cook up something good.



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I can't be asked to shoot little midgets in the chaos of defcon 3/2/1 but if someone wants to use it for a PME then sure.

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Would be quite annoying to have as civ job & don't see them being used very seriously in events

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