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In game Name:
Joe Conner


List of warns:
2 warns from 2019image.thumb.png.ae758a8c6f34201826708d0dcc81ca8b.png

Any previous or current staff experience:
A bunch of staff experience in the past ranging from T-Mod to Senior Admin 
(T-Mod - Senior Admin in a bunch of different (around 10 or so combined) DarkRP/SWRP/MilitaryRP servers) though they have all either shut down, or I've left.

Why should we pick you?(200 Word Min):
Well, I've been apart of this community for a long while, I've been playing since around V2/V3. I also have SCP-RP syndrome :c so what I do most of the day is basically play on the server. I've also just somewhat recently graduated high school so I have a lot of free time on my hands to come up with events and also help moderate if there's no staff on( yes if I wanted to do moderation as well I should apply for Staff not Event Planner, well too bad cause TS is banned in my country so even if I wanted to, I couldn't).
 Anyways, I wanna help those on the server by trying to make fun and interesting events that they would enjoy and then try improving to make better events based on people's suggestions and feedbacks whether it be positive or negative. I have a bunch of what I consider good ideas to use for events from time to time.
I'll also do passiveRP events almost daily if I can and sometimes involving some combat that can range from -0.5 Mothmommies to 0.75 Mothmommes on the Mothmommies scale and then hosting bigger events every week or so. I've always loved the events that Plague hosts and want to be able to make events of my own that people would hopefully enjoy.(And to see if I could actually get accepted into something like this.)
I also have a good knowledge of ULX commands due to my various experiences moderating on other servers:
The list goes on.

Your event plan:

HoMD Manager
UIU Vice Manager (only person in management that does stuff)

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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