Pablo Pablo

Personal Caracter: Nikola "Pablo Pablo" Redwoods

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Basic Information:
Nikola Redwoods
Age: 22
Country: Serbia
Date of Birth: 1999 Sept. 12

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Dept: Security Dept.

Rank: Lieutenant.

 Race: White

Nikola Redwoods is an ex-FBI agent who retired after being framed for his crimes, He resorted to work job to pay his debt and taxes, due to this he applyed  to work at the foundation, he is in the part of the security force. He climbed the ranks , reaching the Lieutenant rank. His crime history was erased after finding out of an setup he has a great life and good amount of money to pay his debt and taxes.

Past Experiments:
SCP-915 Incident

Redwoods was escorting Dr. [REDACTED], 2 D- Classes. Getting into 915 chamber and prosiding the test. After the test, Redwoods was assignat to cuff 2 D-Classes after Dr. [REDACTED] Opened the door. Dr. [REDACTED] Accidently entered the chamber. Panic has started, Redwoods successfully freed the doctor, almost letting 915 out. To this day, he will never forget it. 

Edited by Pablo Pablo

i have commited multiple violation of foundation's codex 



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