Zeref`s 2nd Battalion Application

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Out of Character Section -

Steam Name: Zeref

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:114273258

Current rank on the server: Event Planner

Age: 14

What is your playtime: (1 Week - Minimum) 9w 5d

Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: I have a microphone but the quality is a bit questionable. 

Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Yes

Do you meet the requirements: yes

Quick summary about you: (70 Words - Minimum) Hello In the community i am known as Zeref. In my free time I like to play video games. I usually play a lot of garry's mod. I live in Sweden. I have played on this community for over an year now.i usually spend a lot of time on garry's mod when i have time over. When I am not playing video games i go to school currently in year 7.

In Character Section -

 In-Game name: (Regiment, Rank and then your name) 74th S Zeref 

Highest rank obtained: Surgeon (LCOL)

What current rank do you have:  Surgeon (LCOL)

What is your current regiment: 74th

What should we pick you for Battalion: You should pick me for battalion because i am an very active person and i am also very hard working. I usually spend around 5-6h+ on the server every day during this time i usually do trainings and tryouts to make sure the regiment is doing well.. You should also pick me because i have a lot of experience with what every individual regimen dose and what their strength and weaknesses are. You should also pick me because i am responsible with the power and the responsibilities i have. During my time on this server i have also learned a lot about leadership and how to lead people during events. You should also pick me because i am willing to adapt to the situations where it's needed. You should also pick me because I am dedicated member. I am also able to take criticism and learn from it and I am always willing to improve on areas where its needed. Another reason you should pick me is because I can be serious when it's needed. You should also pick me because of the fact that I am able to be on very early Hours were not many people are on. 

Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion:  The responsibilities of a battalion is to lead the hole base and to lead during events. Whit this it include granting and denying people requests. Their job responsibilities are also to make sure they lead events. Outside of that they also need to make sure their supervising regiment is doing good by this doing trainings with them. They should also behave professionally and not minge around on the base. They are also tasked with sending trainer (NCO+) to the cadet area to train cadets when it's needed. When you reach the rank of 2nd LT+ you are tasked with supervising a regiment which means you need to do 2 trainings a week with them.

Have you ever been demoted, banned or kicked: (If so, explain why) I have been banned once for L2ARP when i was new to server and I left when I was in brig

Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank: yes

What do Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading? (IN DETAIL) They should stick with their assigned regiment (the one they are supervising) but they shouldn't be doing the CO job in the regiment by leading Them. They should also not rush head in to the enemy like they are worth nothing.

What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session?

Lead an base attack

call and do a debrief successfully

Do a training with faces and formations (basic training)

What is the job of the Co-Leader during events?  To granting and denying smaller request that the leader is not responding to. They should also help the leader make big decisions if its needed. They will also take over if the leader crashes

Anything else: N/A

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High Playtime


Good application

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Jedi Blade Warrior 08.03.20 - 26.08.20

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I have spoken to you in-game and you seem mature and know what you are doing. You are a Event Planner which shows your overall dedication to the server as a whole. The reason I have given you a neutral is because your application is somewhat poorly written and contains multiple grammar  and quite a few spelling mistakes which makes me question your ability to spell.

Good Luck!




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-Seems responsible due with Event Planner

-Great Playtime

-As Apollo said staff app includes grammatical errors and spellings mistakes, seems rushed

-Not the best quality of mic could be a problem, when becoming Battalion Officer

Good Luck tho


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old ranks;

who cares




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Leave 74th u noob 😄

Lives in a bunker

Great play time

Event planner

Kinda spanks people a bit but still good in my opinon.

I was Close to putting -1 cause he is a furry boy but the other outweight it


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HR showing his dedication to the server


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Fleet Commodore

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Master of the Order
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nice guy
high ranking in 74th
but im going to -1 simply because you have bad mic and you are a furry, no furries in battalion mister

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-However is a furry so questionable in my decision


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-Event Planner
-used to be a good jedi 

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Pro's : Mature

Cons : Furry

Overall +1


Edited by Havoc

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Due to the very limited amount of space in battalion we have decided you are not the best candidate for its last spot


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