Josh Nixon's Site Director Application (No.2)

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 Josh Nixon's Site Director Application 


In Game Name: Josh Nixon

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:63557864

Age: 15

In-Game Time [Proof Required]: 1 Week, 3 Days, 4 Hours (2 Weeks now)

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions:
I may not have as much leadership experience as others, yet I have been a Site Director before and was mostly involved in Custom Groups on NRP (for example Consortium, Iron Front and most Embassies) helping the Custom Groups where I could and organizing things from now to then, tho I haven't held a key leadership position in any custom group except in one of the Embassies as a Ambassador. I also played Site Director before it was a whitelist tho I wouldn't say that I was necessarily good in that time, I believe I was quite decent at my time being a real Site Director.


Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?:
I held the rank of Site Director before, I had decent performance and was quite active, although I left the job not because of mistakes but because I was burnt out and busy with life.
Anyway, let the past be the past and as Site Director my key focus was the focus on communication within the site administration, because they say communication is the key to efficiency. I am a proponent of organisation and will build organisational structures, Site Advisers who do not help me in my work will simply be removed (as they normally should be). I believe I proved myself worthy in my old days as Site Director and did the job quite decently. Now that I have summer holidays I will have good time to invest in dedication to the job, I am not sure what comes after that but I will try to stay active and remain here. I have learnt from some leadership mistakes what I can improve on from last time. Since my last time, I have gained very important experience that I can use to avoid further mistakes. One of my qualities is to stay calm in hectic situations. I am very clear in my words and do not tolerate disobedience, in a series of events I always give out clear orders and instructions on how to proceed, any one who disobeys these instructions will be dealt with as expected in the representative situation. My highest priority is Loyalty, in my last duty as Site Director I was known to follow orders as they were requested without hesitation. I am very formal about reports and note them down very accurately. I will also watch ongoing operations in action that will not directly risk my life, it would be very ignorant from me to fully rely on reports, I need to show myself present to establish myself on site.
Regarding GOI's.. I will treat them with a lot of scepticism like in my old days, meaning I will probably assign someone to acompany them almost around the clock, since my last experience as SD I really disliked the presence of GOI's and always tried to avoid them on site (In the old days that was mostly based to the UN GOI, I dont remember the exact name). Due to by scepticism I will mostly dislike cooperation with GOI's in any way, this may be a External Affairs matter tho if it affects the Site I will very much make sure that they may only be on site for the strictest of reasons. Regarding POI's I'd still get myself more introduced, tho I am starting to learn to it. POI's are a new system to me and will probably treat them just like GOI's as long as they havent been confirmed to be a trustable source.
Next I'd introduce a "Zone Manager" System on my Site in which one of my Site Advisers will be chosen as a main Zone Manager for the Light Containment Zone, obviously if I deem my Site Advisers not capable of holding such responsiblity I will refrain from giving them the priviledge of being a Zone Manager.
As a good feature of my leadership of the Site I will hold the HoS and Lieutenants accountable to all incidents that include the Security in LCZ, for example CDC breaches, if the HoS or Lieutenants make my job to living hell I'll give them living hell, even if he is just the Superior and isn't supposted to "micromanage" as everyone hates that, yet I still expect everything to run without mistakes, I tolerate Security having a little of fun aslong as it does not negatively affect the operation of the site. To organize Security I'll additionally hold meetings with all Leadership Positions within the Security (basically HoS and Lieutenants) in which I will announce current problems and immediate attention to them. Now since I only focused on Security I'll also keep a eye on the Research Department, in my old SD Days I usually had my usual Testing Restrictions that I'll most likely introduce again. All Mobile Task Forces will have no direct duties assigned by me (I couldn't order them anyways), tho if necessary I'll use them as my main defensive force for Raids and breaches.
Why I think this makes me a good Site Director? Well, because I barely have seen Directors doing that before and I have very strong beliefs of this being a good addition to my Site. I don't want to attack other Directors with that statement but it's just generally what I would personally do as a Site Director.


What role does the Site Director have on the site?
The Site Director is the highest rank a individual could achieve on a site, he holds the highest authority and will have the last word if it affects his Site, the only people that can outrank him in decisions would be the O5 Council if they deem his decisions faulty. The Site Director is the direct authority holder of all interactions that regard internal matters of the Site, he may only indirectly interfere with external affairs if external actions endanger the internal affairs and security of his site. As the direct authority holder for internal affairs you could understand that he holds responsibility for the undisturbed execution of research, the upkeep of the veil of secrecy and among that he also has other countless responsibilities to uphold that are concluded inside his site, summoned up you can say that he is responsible for everything that regards the day-to-day operation of the Site. You could compare his job like a Mayor of a City.


What is the O5 Council?:
The O5 Council is an assembly of people who act as overseers and high level people in the Foundation. With them owning the unique Clearance 5 Authorization Level, they have unlimited freedom of opportunity and knowledge in which to operate in the Foundation. With unlimited freedom inside the Foundation they have supreme control and know almost everything that is to know about the Foundation and its activities. The Council is acting very mysteriously and everyone is afraid of them due to them holding absolute power over everyone. In fact, they hold themselves so mysterious that they also get called "Site Inspectors" or "Overseers" and most information about the Council is either misinformation or hidden in files. Personnel below Clearance 2 hold the O5 Council for a myth or don't know about it. This Council is responsible for the day-to-day operation of sites around the world and is tasked with overseeing them. All of these Council members are so highly ranked that their names are known only under the strictest of conditions and they are identified only by the names 05-1 to 05-13 (meaning there are 13 members of the Council each having their own individual number), every different Council Member has different characteristics with different nicknames, mostly they all have different nicknames because they are very unknown due to their secrecy. It is also rumored that some or all of the Council may be inhuman.



Additional Info:
I used few parts of my old application. Also incase I get critized about it, yes I have not played a Site Administration job for a while. If Grammar Mistakes occur I apologize.


Proof for Time:





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🔱Josh Nixon🔱
Director Nixon<

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On 7/4/2021 at 12:30 PM, Kabasch said:

I've seen you quite a while on the server, but barely saw you on a administrative job during my playtime. Besides that you recently had shown rather negative behaviour, which you got blacklisted in multiple Jobs for, regarding that we chatted on Discord. I mainly saw you on the Security Guard job, though what I really liked about you, was that you've placed additional information signs around the site for newer people to understand where what is and overall make it look better. Refer to: 

However, I believe that you should get yourself more known towards the community as well as to the servers regulations and how stuff works.

-1 for now.

Reply was removed.


Negative Behavior Feedback:
Yes, I have shown negative behaviour, but not without reason, it is quite annoying to constantly be treated as a braindead security guard and basically not being able to do anything about it, half of the time I get shouted at and asked why I am at specific places just trying to help, getting arrested for BS reasons and yet being mad about it counts as "negative behaviour". Believe me if you tried to take Security Guard job serious and played it, yet get called retarded and useless most of times then you really hit a point. Yet you only see your side of view rather then mine, sitting around as Security Guard for 6-8 hours this way really is a pain in the ass. I really don't see another job to play as the Unwhitelisted Site Administration jobs are just demoralizing me, but if thats a "requirement" to prove myself sure, I'll play Site Admin more often, I dont really see why I need to gather "more experience" if I've done my job as SD before.

Reason I didn't play Site Administration:
I agree I have not been playing Site Administration jobs as much (as I have mentioned that I did not), now my reason is because playing as Site Adviser or DoEAA doesn't prove any experience as Site Administration also I already became a Site Director in the past and never really needed "new"/"more" Experience as I already gained those from old days and I knew what I was doing. Advisers barely have much to do then to observe or help out SD which really doesn't prove much rather then being SD's little puppy. In my old days I played SA very often because I was motivated to play until I became SD, but generally the stereotype of SA's is to be powerhungry or walk around and chat with people, but generally SA is a shit job that gets treated the exact same way.
Talking about DoEAA, you could gather some external affairs experience but I am afterall applying for SD not for HoEA, as for general knowledge the SD mainly manages the Internal Affairs of the site and if it is needed in emergencies he is to be involved into External Affairs, so DoEAA is not really my favorite job just because you also just walk around for hours having nearly nothing to do as the DoEAA's duties are mostly minor and taken over by other departments for most parts.

Question about "Blacklisted in Jobs":
Really wouldn't personally know which jobs blacklisted me, but I am really just back for SD as in old days. I wouldn't understand a reason I would get blacklisted, because I probably got blacklisted like usual people do without being able to explain themselves.

Placing Signs Feedback:
In honesty, I actually didn't place those I usually always have my routine of putting up the "CP Ramps" that guide traffic thru CP's, HCZ Bridge or the "Emergency Lockdown Door" that you could find in the crossing of 106 and 076-II. 

Anyways, thanks for the feedback
I just wanted to justify myself infront of your -1.

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🔱Josh Nixon🔱
Director Nixon<

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Your application for site director has been ACCPETED

An alright application and I have heard some positive things. Thought the lack of experience is some concern.

O5-5 "The Survivor"

(Contact me Fixer#5863)

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