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Head of Manufacturing Department Application

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In Game Name: Kevin Flynn

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:169856209

Crafting Table experience level: 125/125


What job does the Manufacturing Department have on site?:

The Manufacturing Department's job is to ensure that all Foundation members have adequate ammunition and equipment. They occupy the armory in the entrance zone and take care of everyone who needs equipment.

The Head of Manufacturing Department should use this experience to ensure that the department's staff is deployed efficiently and usefully in order to prevent shortages anywhere.


Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the Head of Manufacturing?:

I have already worked out several ways that the Foundation staff does not lose interest in the work I do and I want to use the expierence I gained over the time to improve the roleplay on the server. I am really sad about the fact that many people do not try to work together and I will give my best to change that within the Manufacturing Department.


Thanks for reading. I hope you have a great day.
Kevin Flynn




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11 minutes ago, Matt Mattheus said:

+1 duo'd manufacturing, very efficient

So like, did he tell you to +1 his app or is this an alt?

Because after joining, instantly came to this app to +1

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