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Unban reqeust Tommy

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Your In-game name: Wolf Roin

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:435597251


Reason of the ban: Breaking NLR

Date you were banned on: May 24

Duration of ban: 1 day

Admin who banned you (Dr Dedrich Schubs/ Steam name/ Steam ID), i couldnt get more becaus he bannend me instant


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: I got out of jail from 10 years, 600seconds. I comeback in his building he brings me on the rooftop and whitout saying any word he banneds me for Tier II Nlr,

Do you think your ban was justified: No, how i am breaking nlr if i even raid or got killed in his base.

Why should you be unbanned: because i think its not fair to ban someone for no reason


Any kind of evidence: None



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Neutral hmm seems kinda strange Ngl but i wanna hear what the staff member in question has to say... im pretty sure that coming back to the PD after getting released is not breaking NLR since technically you never died you were just released from Jail... Correct me if i am wrong 

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The reason why I issued this ban is because you clearly broke NLR (New Life Rule) by coming back to the hospital and gun pointing me saying ("Damn you, I was arrested for 10 minutes because of you"). On top of this, you are also saying "how i am breaking nlr if i even raid or got killed in his base", when this is clearly in violation of section 1.5 of our Server Rules.  You already had a record of breaking multiple rules on the server, this is why a Tier II warn was issued (with a ban). I highly recommend that you read our server rules again.

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After reading the response given by the banning admin, I believe this ban is justified, and as such shall remain. 

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