Alcatraz's Unban Request

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My In-Game name:


Steam Name:

What is the reason for your ban:
just a slander

How long were you banned for:

Name of the staff member who banned you:
Starting With "Matt"

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:

because it was just a slander. I didn't even know what it was.




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thats not your steam id, your steamID is: STEAM_0:0:431297253

I banned you for "Purposely trying to give another player an epileptic fit after telling them they had epilepsy via stun stick abuse".

The guy in question warned you 8 times? And you continued to try and give him a fit by smacking him several times with your stunstick to make his screen flash colours quickly. I do not take to that kindly as I know someone who has nearly passed away to an epileptic fit. Me and Ace Barry discussed the punishment considering you were ignoring me mid-sit and were somewhat lying. The /ooc chat was riddled with people who agreed that that was disgusting behaviour and something we do not tolerate on the WerWolf Gaming SCP-RP Staff Team.

On top of that you were abusing the stunstick and smacking anyone in front of you. Your ban in my opinion should stay.

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Moved from SWRP to SCP. 

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At the time of the ban i was present on the server and witnessing the sit and he openly admitted to continuing to SSA even after the victim said he was epeleptic and his behaviour was disgusting and i was the one who told matt he should get a perma ban doing something with in a game that can put someones life at risk is not only against the rules but against the law



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I was there too. I didn't witness the events directly but Matt and Ace seemed quite frantic and by the time I finally got over and was informed of the facts, I was disgusted to hear that you continued. Literally doing something that could kill someone is unexcusable and I do not wish to see you unbanned period.

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You only just got banned and clearly aren't sincere about your actions. I would be willing to plus 1 if you waited a while to reflect on your actions and show you are truly sorry and won't be a minge anymore.


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there were tens of people talking, i couldn't hear it and my english is not very good, really sorry for that you and for that player If I could understand it, I would never have done such a thing I had no bad intention, I just wanted it to be fall back I really couldn't understand what's going on im so sorry...

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Personally I don't think you should be unbanned , I have close friends who suffer with epilepsy and attempting to give someone a epileptic fit is absoutely disgusting not only that but they can be life threatening. I believe that you shouldn't be unbanned because thats just a new form of low for mingers.

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Tf, thats fucked up and deffo deserve the ban

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who cares




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The fact that you could have killed someone is actually revolting, you should probably consider yourself lucky you haven't been community banned, at this point I'd recommend waiting a couple weeks/months before reapplying for an unban, as I doubt this one will be accepted.

Also always take into account that someone may have a condition that you're not aware that could put their life in danger when a specific something happens. 

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The victim of your ignorant act was my best friend; this situation made him and me so uncomfortable that we tried everything to get you banned. The thing you did was disgusting, I wanted to punch you in the face everytime you blatantly ignored my friends warnings about him being epileptic and he could have been in a very bad situation if the staff member didn't interfered. 

The fact that he is a Class-D doesn't mean you are not going to listen to him. Clearly, you can barely speak english and do not understand the rules and purpose of this server, therefore, you mustn't be unbanned. You call the reason of ban a "slander", you probably don't even know what that word means, you disgusting shit. Who are you to play with people's lives?

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Look, my English is not very good, im using translate and I can't hear well, so when I talk to someone, I often want him to type on the keyboard. If I could understand that guy, I would never have done anything like that. I'm so sorry about that. and I deserve to be banned, this is not a problem anymore, I need to apologize to that epileptic guy as soon as possible

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