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Ovis City Paramilitary Branch (OCPB)

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The OCPB is a Paramilitary Branch of The Governments policing forces. They are an elite tactical Force that specialises in securing anomalies, interrogating terrorists and gaining info on the Citys many Groups. We prevent anomalies from getting into public hands, Stop Terrorism in the city and Interrogate their members (terrorism regarding anomalous weapons) ensure the safety of the Citizens that are living in the city making sure that the anomalies do not affect them. We Must take ANY anomalies that we locate and secure IMMEDIATELY no matter who has them (However if it is in possession of the PD try through diplomatic




After the OCPD Was deployed to the City, They encountered several terrorist and anomalous organisations. The Government attempted to aid the Police with more equipment however despite these measures the crime in the city surged. The Government recalled the OCPD to safer grounds and re trained them, putting new arrivals in their place. The OCPB was formed in 2005, and were equipped with advanced equipment and sent to several towns and Cities in Ovis with Major terrorist and anomalous reports. Recently they were being briefed about Entry into the City to resolve the several issues regarding it, This was delayed but the Government as the OCPB was getting reports around the country and these were seen as more urgent, however these have been dealt with and Deployment of OCPB into Oviscity by the Ministry of the Interior has been considered.

This message was recovered from a radio used by The Mayor 

Mayor: Hello? This is an order for you to return back to the station at once.

Officer: Alright sir I am on my wa- *RADIO SILENCE*

Mayor: Hello? Report in. Officer Report? 

OCPB: Hello, You are The Mayor of Oviscity, correct? I am with the OCPB

Mayor :Yes This is the mayor from ovis city speaking, we need your help

Ocpb leader : Whats going on in Oviscity?

Mayor: we are being attacked from left and right there are some weird creatures coming out of subway and a terrorist group is attacking the PD.

OCPB:: A creature? what kind

Mayor : we don't have time for that i need to help right now!

OCPB leader : Right we will ask for permission to be deployed,if We are Granted ETA will be 3 hours


Relations and Rules

We are neutral/hostile to ALL GOIs and will assist the PD in certain situations i.e They are being raided, Need to re take the city, lock down enforcement etc

1. Obey your Higher ups, Loyalty is Key to the OCPB
2. Don't Break server rules
3. Don't break The Laws of the city (However you don't have to take direct orders from The Mayor or his police, We are here to stop terrorism and anomalies in Ovis not deal with petty criminals)
4. We are not Allied to anyone, We are however friendly to the PD and may assist in times of Need.
5. Protect Citizen lives and ensure their safety.


Loadout and Ranks

OCPD leader - 1 slot
 ACU(advanced combat unit) - 2 slots
officer - 2 slots

 leader - shield/taser/Aug/Cuffs(all)/p99/hacking keycard/battering ram - Spas possibly
 ACU - shield/taser/HQ/Cuffs(all)/pistol glock 17/hacking keycard/battering ram/G3A3 - Remmington
Officer - MP5/cuffs(all)/pistol berreta /stunstick
/ocpb comms

Recruit - Ofiicer
Constable -  Officer
Sergeant - ACU
Staff Sergeant - ACU
Inspector - ACU
Chief Inspector - Leader
Captain - Leader
Commandant - Leader

Officer Model

ACU Model

Leader Model

Owner -  Bob Curtis

Co-Owner - Gerald Evans

Manager - Edward Garret 

Entry will be via Tryouts or Invite



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So, UIU but with no reason to exist?

Lets pick this apart, and lets start with the group itself.

The OCPB was formed to specifically help ONE city, which already has the Foundation in it.  Why not just send the GOC in, maybe the UIU, or I dont know, an MTF?

The OCPB makes no sense with it's existence.  It is not it's own country, nor does a city have the authority to create a branch of the military to help Ovis.  Just call the National Guard for christs sake.

Now, the ranks are a mess of Military and Police ranks, which in itself is ridiculous, but its trivial at best, but why in God's name does a military force have an "Officer" job within it, that is essentially a cop?  Wouldn't it just be ACUs and "Leader" (very descriptive name by the way)?  If the OCPB has a Officer job which is essentially just a cop, then why have the OCPB in the first place?


Now, lets look at everything else.

The management is not great.  Gerald and Edward are eh, and Bob is a huge nope for any management position.  He's shown that he can't listen to any rules or even hierarchy, even when his ass is on the line (see all his perm bans and warnings by hierarchy, even back to when Ash was owner).  He's been pushing the limit for months upon months at this point, even to the point where Ash, a Reserve-H member and former owner (at the time) had to step in and tell him to stop.  If that doesnt say anything, I dont know what does

The OCPB is useless on the server, its a combination of Foundation and the PD.  Not to mention the way of entry, it will probably end up being full of Bobby's Yes Men like the OCPD was.  It probably wont even work as intended, and end up as PD 2.

Overall, HUGE -1. It simply wont work for many factors, including some I haven't even mentioned.

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Why would they secure anomalies and still be a police force, just call UIU if you are going to be securing anomalies for a government but the rest would seem good as it can bulk up the OCPD's numbers and specializations. Maybe also change the officer's uniform aswell.

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what sorta fucking introduction is that lmao


"oh we're being attacked by criminals? monsters? lunatics?

let's call what's basically a fucking mercenary army to help us, surely nothing can go wrong"

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Now that the outdated bed hierarchy is gone and the power creep is becoming all the more real it only makes sense that OCPD is added in some form. The loadout is balanced (if not a little weak) and well thought out and:- if anything this shows that Bob Curtis has finally changed and is willing to cooperate with the roleplay on the server. The current hierarchy could look at this groups management and see who actually SHOULD be managing an RP group; people who are active on server and actually willing to roleplay.

Personally I believe if this group is not added it is simply evident of the current hierarchy who is unable to adapt to the ever-changing gmod community.

To conclude this group was suggested at the right time and it's finally time Bobby gets a group.


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