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Add this tool to the server - Link


As light sources are limited, buildings doesn't look very good in the site as the lighting is none to dim (some spots are exempt) and due to this every building looks dead and non-aesthetic. With the addition of this tool/addon, buildings can look better with(out) any lighting. 


  • We will get rid of annoying lights that is used to remove shadows or make props/colors pretty etc.
  • File size is only 0.002 MB which means this addition won't even affect the download phase. 
  • I have not personally tested this addon but I've seen it on videos and it got the job done. 
  • I don't see how this can be abused as this addition will only benefit builders and players. 

Note: If someone shows me any way of abusement/exploiting with this addon, I will delete my suggestion as I don't want to support anything that will be used for exploits. 

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Most of my dupes are ruined by the fact that they look pitch black unless I put a wire light or have my flashlight on , this suggestion not only makes a lot of sense but I can't see how it would lag the server or ruin RP in any way.

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