Pls unban me

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I was a guard and i was standing at d class and some guy gets passed me and he just kills me so i come back and kill him becouse i cant type for a admin becouse my g mod has script error or something and then he called admin and then i needed to eat becouz and my mom pulled the wifi and then i left so sorry can i please get unbanned 



My name is bokkie2802 btw

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Please refer to the template at the top of the forum sub section then either make a new thread or edit this to be correct so it follows the template. Failure to comply within 24 hours will result in this thread being locked or denied. 

Best of luck.

Viktor Svetsken

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I was the staff who took this sit.

Two things. First. You just admitted to Revenge RDM, not even gonna comment additionally on that. Second, regardless of this fact, without giving anyone prior warning, you gun someone down and leave. This furthers the views of the moderators that you left to avoid punishment. Be thankful that you were only given the standard 2 day ban for it, although now that you just confessed to that, the punishment may be increased.

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+1 I hope he gets unbanned because clearly he is a new player and he wasn't very aware of the rules in place. However your ban is only 2 days so I think you can just wait it out and when you come back you know all the rules


-kyle webb



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