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Nerf enraged drug.

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Well any goi that has had to against tcs knows that enraged is op one enraged person can take out almost an entire base with ease. 

I mostly play tcs and although now making it easy to fight back but it also makes it boring just running and killing everyone removing any teamwork or co ordination.

I recommend a decrease in health and less increase with speed making them easier to hit and kill. Increasing the prise significantly may help and perhaps decrease the amount of time you stay alive.

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3 hours ago, Jason Ray said:

Its like the cogwork construct, lots of health, just move tactically, try to drain its time, block its way, just dont let anyone using it have time to attack you

but how are u meant to drain its time where they can run towards you faster than you, or jump over your head, if you flee and wait for them to die, thats giving them more time to prepare for reinforcements 

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2 hours ago, Centurion said:


maybe if you take an antidote or something you don't die at the end?

Probably alot of abuse. You would have an almost immortal man who can basically live forever if they take the rage drug and the antidote at the right times

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as someone who plays TCS a lot it needs a re-buff, in average max TCS players is 2-3 and we cant do shit other than get raped by COTBG. If anything we need our speed boost back. The jump is fine at its current state but the speed is horrendous

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