Jrab MaChrotch

Unban request by Jrab MaChrotch

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In game name: Jrab MaChrotch

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0: 238897094

Steam name: kurmis

Reason for ban: opening checkpoint doors as a service personnel multiple times, avoiding arrest with job change.

Banned by: Can't remember.

Why I should be unbanned:

I only got 3 day ban, but I really started to miss this server, its only rp server, I ever played and not got bored of because of the epic community. I have made some epic moments in this server, where you can't make in other servers, I literally got into Light Containment Zone with drug dealer 3 times with no help. Anyways, I was minging with service personnel, opening checkpoint doors, It's pretty bad, I know. I think I learned my lesson. This server has something that other servers don't have.

10/10 would get sacrificed to SCP-096 again.



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5 minutes ago, Zyon78 said:

which clearance did u had cause its impossible to open checkpoint doors with clearnce 2 or 3 or higher

You can just press the buttons inside airlock control room , they often leave it open 

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