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I am donating Via eCheque, what should I know?

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Paying By eCheque


Paying be eCheque is a internet bank transfer method of using a Cheque but instead via the internet. Some customers who live in Germany or the Netherlands or Non-E.U countries/States may find that there bank rejects instant payments. Your bank may also start a eCheque if you currently do not have enough cleared funds to cover a transaction.


This is named under two different payment methods:

  • eCheque
  • Non-Instant Payment




How long do I have to wait to get my package after sending a eCheque?

  • Under PayPal terms and strong recommendation we do not deliver packages until a Echeque or bank transfer has been successfully processed and successfully been debited to our account. Some banks hold eChques in "Reserve" funds until the payment is completed. Your package will be granted immediately after the payment is fully completed and finalised.


Refunding a eCheque?

  • We do not have the ability to refund eCheques until it has been passed into our account. Your money whilst in transit is held with PayPal or your bank.


If the payment fails to reach us, PayPal automatically bounce back into your bank account. This may take upto 20 days according to PayPal guidelines.

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