Unban application

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My in game name: Frank Frankson

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:74370608

Steam name: KSI (as for now, making this application)

What is the reason for the ban: RDM on an Admin

Duration of ban: Permanent

Name of the staff who banned you: Doesn't say

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I think that I should be unbanned because of that I actually regret what I've done, since I actually enjoyed playing on the server, and since some time have passed since the ban, I am actually beginning to miss the server and it's gameplay. I was banned, because I shot an admin (not in a sit, and I didn’t leave after shooting him). Werwolf SCP-RP is a better server and offers a better overall gameplay quality than the other SCP servers on GMod, as most of them are either dead, toxic, or they speak a foreign language. I've been reading the rules again, and I fully understand and comply with the rules written. I apologize for my actions, and I would like to be able to play on the server and begin to RP again.


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Neutral verdict from me here.

Reason: The cause of the ban is underdetailed. Pinpoint what exactly caused your ban. Did you kill the Staff Member during a sit or in general RP?

Reckon we're not being told the truth if you've been penalized via PermBan for a single RDM count. A single RDM count would just call for a warn.

If you killed a staff member during sit then left the server to avoid punishment of doing so (LTAP) THEN this ban would make sense should it not have just been a 1-2 week ban.

Please update this to follow in detail with the reason you were banned then people could maybe give more accurate verdicts. If you can attempt to remember to the best of your ability, that would be great.

Best of luck - Viktor Svetsken

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Viktor Svetsken

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