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Prop minge in Main Courtyard

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Your In-Game name: CE PFT Colonel Henk

Offender's In-Game name/s: Look in the clip
CT captain
CT husky
CT Wave
501st Richard
Poogo Bendes(Bartender)
CE Donkeymonk

Steam ID of the offender/s: (http://steamidfinder.com)
CT captain: STEAM_0:0:32222375
CT husky:STEAM_0:1:524845218
CT Wave: STEAM_0:1:550350383
501st Richard: STEAM_0:1:33192686
Poogo Bendes(Bartender): STEAM_0:1:124419665
CE Donkeymonk: STEAM_0:0:485421965

Why should the offender/offenders be banned or warned?:

Prop minging in Main Courtyard, Prop surfing and playing music in Main courtyard
Just do this stuff in Bar it is ooc and no-one would care
Evidence: (screenshots, videos)
Cant find the propsurfing but it happend

Anything else to add:
just dont do this stuff do it in bar

New evidence (Found the clip of the propsurfing back):

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I wouldn't really call it Warnable however it shouldn't be done and should be refrained from being done. I'd say a verbal warning for atleast the higher ranks at most.

As for the prop surf no one can prove it without a video.



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I mean, prop minge is a massive stretch. All they did was press e and hold them, yes they did it in main courtyard but that isn't ban worthy IMO, more of a slap on the wrist. 


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Why do you care i swear that was late night as well cause i remember seeing them do the same thing but there is no point in reporting it as it is just a minor thing. No proof of surfing so yeah just stop crying

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Should've just told them to stop wasting time playing gmod and sleep. All they were doing was moving a prop up and down, no damage to players, most you could get out of this is a warn for the CT Captain for chat spam.


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Litteraly in the first clip you just stood there and did nothing, you didn't even attempt to tell them to stop or call CG (There might not have been any on) and even so in these clips they only broke IC rules not OOC rules since dancing outside bar, radio outside bar and spawning some props outside a claimed area isn't exactly againts the OOC rules.

And that prop surfing? I still don't believe it is worth a warn as all he did was lift the CT like 2 meters up and that is it, he didn't purposely lift him to some areas that he can't normaly reach or help him go extremly fast, he just lifted him 2 meters. The max for this is like a slap on the wrist but that is it.

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You didnt tell them to stop or anything like that which you should and and its barely prop surfing. I´ve seen worse happen and this is just at night and its not hurting anyone else. I think their hierarchies should talk to them and explain it more to them but I dont think this is a valid warn and it just deserves a verbal warning before an actual one. If it happens again in an more extreme manner, I do agree that they should get warned but not for this.

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Not worthy of a ban or a warning, but I support them being told off for it.

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Insufficient Evidence to support your claim. 

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