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Custom Group Name: NKVD


History: The NKVD or the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs was a intelligence agency of the Soviet Union. Formed in July 1934 and dissolved in March of 1946. The NKVD had many jobs both domestic and external activities. Domestic activities that they did were being the secret police of the Soviet Union and political repression of the citizens. One of the most famous acts by the NKVD is the Great Purge. This was when the NKVD by orders of Stalin to execute politically dangerous opponents, they were classified as Trotskyists. The NKVD was also in charge of the Gulags. The Great Purge resulted in around 1.2 million deaths. For external affairs the NKVD was sabotaging and gathering information on its enemy's and helping other communists from many different countries. One of the most famous external affairs of the NKVD was when after Kiev had fallen the NKVD set fire to the Nazi HQ, this eventually did so that most of the city center burned down. The NKVD would also trick anti-stalinists to come back to the Soviet Union just to be arrested or to assasinate them. One example of this is the assasination of Leon Trotsky, Trotsky was forced to leave the Soviet Union after Stalin took the power and in 1940 he was residing in Mexico City. The NKVD hired an assassin to assassinate him. Leon Trotsky was hit by a Icepick in the back of his head fatally hurting him, he died one day later. The NKVD used to Hire a wide arrangement of People for their espionage team from people from Unemployed people. The NKVD also assisted in "Wet business" where enemies of the USSR started to disappear. In 1940 the NKVD had a meeting with the Gestapo for a week in the so called GESTAPO-NKVD Conferences, after the German declared war on the Soviet Union the NKVD, started to sabotage the Germans, like setting fires in Nazi Headquarters, the NKVD started to recruit UK officials in 1940 and they started to Collect Nuclear Weapon details.


The Government/Group: Group

Political Alignment: Stalinism

Ideology: Communism


Public Documents:

Sectors/Positions in the In RP Group:


Custom Jobs(s):

Job One: 

Slots: 2

Name: Mladshiy Leytenant

Type: CO

Equipment: PPSH, Shackles, Tokarev 30, Camera

Abilities: Take Comms, Fake ID

Model: Civilian, NKVD


Job Two:

Slots: 1

Name: Starshina

Type: SNCO

Equipment: Elastic Restraints, Itacha 37, Tokarev 30, Camera

Abilities: Take Comms, Fake ID

Model: Civilian, NKVD


Job Three: 

Slots: 2

Name: Krasnoarmeets 

Type: NCO

Equipment: Elastic Restraints, SVT 40, Tokarev 30, Camera


Model: Civilian, NKVD


Job Four:

Slots: 3 

Name: Ryavodoi

Type: EM

Equipment: Mosin Nagant and Tokarev 30


Model: Civilian, NKVD



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Syn :(
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I would say that, the NKVD should help in stuff like a PD take over, while also spreading the communistic belive and Propaganda the Uniform could be used in stuff like interrogation, since there is the building with cellar that could be used for it, so the Person can see its not just some random. And they shouldn't only spread Communism but try to get the people to rebel against the Reich. 

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I feel with some polishing, this could be a well made custom group. However, the public doc has a few grammatical mistakes. Also, I'm not sure if putting posters up in public places is allowed, but I've been told differently by different admins, so just keep that in mind. 


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I think this is a very good idea. This will defently bring a lot more fun RP, and the group can also be used for events. 

I also have a question, did you make the spredsheet, or did you just find it. Beacuse it looks good so far. 

But i want to give this idea a +1 

Good Luck ! 

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5 hours ago, Koauts Beghemot said:

I am almost 100% sure that this group was already suggested once. And denied.

Anyway what will this group do in the server? Only spread Communism around the city?

The Tokarev is not in the server tho, you suggested only the SVT40 as a weapon, which looks decent. The playermodel is nmice tho probably not needed as I doubt that a commie spy will be sent in the capital of the Reich with such uniform.

To clarify, there was a NKVD custom group suggestion before, and it got accepted. The reason why it was not added was because they instead went with the Scalleta Family.

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Big -1

To begin with, groups like these have been implemented before. They have never, and I mean, not once, worked well. There is a reason we have stopped implementing entire organisations within the server in the form of Custom Groups. They rarely work, and very often they cause multiple issues with the current rules of the server. The last notable example I can remember are the FJ from 2018, and they were a complete catastrophe.

In addition, the load-outs you have suggested are completely overpowered. The PPSH and the Mosin are both broken, which is a primary factor between Russian events not being hosted anymore. 

Historically speaking, while the NKVD was more or less present in Germany from 1944 onwards, in 1943 the majority of the NKVD personnel were either in the SMERSH sections in the Eastern Front, or deployed in rear-section actions behind the front line divisions. There were very few NKVD officers deployed in Germany itself, and the majority were concerned with organising the pre-existing Resistance groups.

You have also not specified what the purpose of this group will be. More or less anyone can describe the NKVD superficially. You need to mention what the group will be doing on the server if they are implemented. At the moment it just sounds like better-armed, glorified Resistance.

Not to mention that including any Soviet-affiliated group reminds me of Littletown way too much (back in the day when people would literally make Soviet Embassies in Berlin, in 1943).


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I think this would be pretty nice to have in-game because its a pretty unique custom group idea. The reason I think this is because a lot of people get salty about the Geheime Staatspolizei when they get caught for being stupid and saying stuff a loud in front of an agent, and this would be kind of like the same sort of team but on the anti-reich side of things (disguised agents). There is a lot of potential for NKVD to be a good custom group and if it is active and has its purpose fleshed out a bit more it could become a very cool aspect of the game.

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Neutral / -1

I agree with everything Erich Kruger said but there are some other that are a plus one like this would be a different experience for every regiment especially the Geheime Staatspolizei as they would have to investigate this group and track down who is placing all of the Communist propaganda. However, I am leading more towards -1 due to everything Erich Kruger said.

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Geheime Staatspolizei Kriminaloberassistant (NRP)

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Leutnant der Polizei

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1.SS Obershutze



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We have decided this will not be added to the server.

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