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What your suggestion is: add a new job which is a dummy.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: none

Any additional information: seeing that some regiments are calling an admin to change their job, set their HP and model them, why not make it a job with at least 5 slots as it will be usefull for some regiments! Also it doesn't have to be a commando droid you can make it like a protocol droid or what change it's colour, the job will have keys, fists, physics gun, tool gun and maybe dc-17 and/or CL1 (it doesn't have to have these EQ but it can be decided) , if the job is being abused you may get blacklisted from it or if you break CLs CE can dismantle you, it can be a VIP+ if needed however no one abuses the SIM jobs so you probably the dummy job won't be abused as it may doesn't have good EQ

also HP can be 3000 to 5000.

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no need at all 


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With the amount of admins currently, there really is no need for such a job. Admins can easily change your job within 10 seconds so saving a few seconds isn't really worth it in my opinion.

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-1 not needed

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Staff need claims!!!!!!!!!!!


Ngl this is just something to make the jobs lua file bigger. It is pointless and staff is on most of the time that is able to either whitelist or force job you to the job needed editing your health and preferabely not giving you any republic weapons like the DC-17s.

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Staff can do this stuff quite fast already it doesnt take much time for them

Also you could become EC job to do the same thing

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