Gmod rp unban request

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In game name:my steam nick name is lilturtle but the name i chose was Patrick bors

STEAMID: ( Bowaimeei

Steam Name: DeluxeTurtle360

Nickname lilturtle

What is the reason for your ban:i was killing other officers seeing as some people did it before and i was just starting and I'm guessing that they got banned to and I'm very new to gmod you can check obviously

Name of the staff member who warn you: Can't remember

Bonus information incase missed anything:

very new to gmod you can check my steam (lilturtle) (type up BowAimeei) and I'm sorry for for killing other officers seeing as i saw ... I am very very sorry for what i have done and will follow the rules in the future 

Sincerely turtle 

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Missed some information
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I can only vouch for the kid. We've spent a substantial amount of hours together in Rust and different games and I've Always known him to be respectful of the staff and rules. We are new to this game and RP but very interested. His ignorance of the game as a newbie has led him to be permanently banned. It's also important to mention that he has not received any warning or had a chance to speak out beforehand. He's also played on werwolfgaming servers on rust without any issues whatsoever. From what I can tell he's regretful for his actions and will comply by the rules in the future. 

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I believe I had kept an eye on you and had noticed you struggling and being new to GMOD Multiplayer, specifically RP. 

I say you give it a week or so then re-apply. Ofcourse you RDM'd which is bannable however I feel like you should get a reduced sentence, which was the case for another new player who RDM'd, it would be unfair to assume otherwise.

Remember if you ever need help do "@ Admins can you tp to me for a second" and one of us will happily come over and help you 🙂

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+1 I believe new players like you should always deserve a second chance to learn more about rules and how the server works in general, I hope you get unbanned and next time you come back, you can really learn and enjoy the server.



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